24 Couples Who Are Not Feeling Bored In Relationship

Couples Who Are Not Feeling Bored In Their Relationship

December 23rd, 2020   |   Updated on February 21st, 2023

If you keep doing something together, you will never feel bored together. Shared hobbies have a great role to play in having good relations with your partner. Here are 24 couples who are not feeling bored in their relationship.


My buddy’s girlfriend farted in front of him for the first time. He got a cake for the occasion. from r/funny



It has been a year, and my wife still has not noticed I changed the dining room outlet cover. from r/funny


My husband thoroughly enjoyed the science museum from r/funny


My wife’s aunt made a turkey for Thanksgiving, and I thought it looked familiar. I am now blocked for tagging her in this. from r/funny


My wife is pregnant, and we did a “maternity shoot”, this is my favorite pic. from r/pics


This is what true love looks like. My mom taking a picture of my dad acting like he’s stuck in the dryer. from r/funny


My gf was not nearly as amused as I was from r/funny


Dad bought mom a new mask from r/funny


Just following CDC guidelines and got myself some panda pandemic protection. Now my wife is social distancing herself from me. from r/funny


There are some advantages to being married for 15+ years. Like you can scare your wife with the cardboard figure you found buried in the garage that she bought you five years ago. from r/funny


Wife asked for ice cream. Hers is beans. I’m a terrible person from r/funny


Left this 3d printed glow in the dark masterpiece on my wife’s pillow. Also, on a related note, sleeping on the couch tonight. Feel free to tell me your favorite practical joke so I have some entertainment in the doghouse. from r/funny



Wife vetoed my birth announcement design… from r/funny


My husband took this picture of me this morning while I was trying to clean my glasses ???? from r/funny



Prank war between me and my girlfriend. She’s going to kill me when she grabs her lunch in the morning. from r/funny


My boyfriend is taking care of my cat for me. I asked how it was going and he sent me this. from r/funny


Coworker thinks her husband doesn’t take nice pics of her. This is his contact photo for her. from r/funny


My boyfriend woke me up and made me take this photo from r/aww


My gf asked me to get Terry Crews in bed with her, so I got this pillowcase made. from r/funny


I put a zombie face in front of our baby monitor. My wife was not happy when she checked on our baby in the middle of the night. from r/funny


My wife asked me to paint an oil portrait of her. This was the best I could come up with. from r/pics

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