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Crunchyroll Anime Awards 2024: Categories, Judges, And Anticipated Highlights

Crunchyroll Anime Awards 2024

Published on December 8th, 2023

Crunchyroll, the anime streaming giant, has set the stage for its much-anticipated Anime Awards 2024.

As the year draws to a close, the platform has revealed an extensive list of categories and an illustrious panel of judges who will decide the winners.

The event is scheduled for March 2, 2024, at the Grand Prince Hotel Shin Takanawa in Tokyo, Japan, promising to be a grand celebration of the anime artistry that has captivated audiences worldwide.

Categories Galore: A Glimpse Into The Diverse Honors

The 2024 Crunchyroll Anime Awards boast over 30 distinct categories, showcasing the platform’s commitment to recognizing excellence across various aspects of anime production.

Some notable additions to this year’s lineup include “Best Cinematography” and “Best Art Direction,” reflecting a keen focus on the nuanced craftsmanship that goes into creating captivating visuals.

From perennial favorites like “Anime of the Year” to newer entries like “Must Protect At All Costs” Character, the array of honors mirrors the diversity and richness of the anime landscape.

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The Newcomers: “Best Cinematography” And “Best Art Direction”

Highlighting the evolution of anime aesthetics, Crunchyroll introduces two fresh categories.

“Best Cinematography” aims to acknowledge the mastery behind the lens, recognizing the visual storytelling that enhances the viewer’s experience.

Simultaneously, “Best Art Direction” celebrates the teams that bring fantastical worlds to life, recognizing the intricate design choices that shape the anime universe.

Below, you can find the complete roster of anime categories for the year 2024, featuring three freshly introduced entries into the competition.

  • Anime of the Year
  • Best Continuing Series
  • Best New Series
  • Best Film
  • Best Original Anime
  • Best Animation
  • Best Character Design
  • Best Director
  • Best Cinematography (New)
  • Best Art Direction (New)
  • Best Romance
  • Best Comedy
  • Best Action
  • Best Fantasy
  • Best Drama
  • Best Slice-of-Life (New)
  • Best Main Character
  • Best Supporting Character
  • “Must Protect At All Costs” Character
  • Best Anime Song
  • Best Score
  • Best Opening Sequence
  • Best Ending Sequence
  • Best VA Performance (Japanese)
  • Best VA Performances — for English, Castilian, French, Arabic, German, Italian and Portuguese dubbed versions (all separate)

Meet The Maestros: A Distinguished Panel Of Judges

Crunchyroll Anime Awards

Crunchyroll’s commitment to objectivity and expertise is evident in its selection of over 100 judges.

This illustrious panel comprises seasoned writers, editors, reviewers, and industry luminaries from across the globe.

Noteworthy figures include Yumiko Watanabe, a respected anime culture journalist contributing to Asahi Shimbun and Business Insider Japan, and Tadashi Sudo, an anime journalist serving as the Artistic Director for the Niigata International Animation Film Festival.

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A Global Tapestry: Judges From Varied Backgrounds

The diverse roster of judges reflects Crunchyroll’s commitment to representing global perspectives.

From Canadian YouTuber Tristan Gallant to French journalist Valentin Paquot, and Indonesian industry leader Bismarka Kurniawan, the panel brings together a mosaic of experiences and insights.

MartinPixel, Editor-in-Chief of Xataka Mexico, adds a technological perspective to the mix, showcasing the intersection of anime and cutting-edge digital media.

Crunchyroll’s Milestones: A Year of Innovation

The Anime Awards mark the culmination of a dynamic year for Crunchyroll. Beyond recognizing outstanding anime, the platform has ventured into collaborations and expanded its offerings.

A notable collaboration with Amazon and the launch of a 24/7 U.S. anime channel are indicative of Crunchyroll’s dedication to enriching the anime experience for its global audience.

The Countdown Begins: Key Dates And How To Participate

The voting window for the Crunchyroll Anime Awards opens on January 17, allowing fans to voice their opinions on the best of the anime world.

The winners, spanning categories from “Best Animation” to “Best VA Performance,” will be unveiled on the grand stage of the awards ceremony on March 2, 2024.

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FAQs: Your Guide To The Crunchyroll Anime Awards

Guide To The Crunchyroll Anime Awards

Q: How Can I Participate In The Voting Process?

A: The open voting period begins on January 17 and concludes on January 27. Visit Crunchyroll’s official site to cast your votes and contribute to the celebration of outstanding anime.

Q: What Are The Criteria For Judging The “Best Art Direction” Category?

A: The “Best Art Direction” category evaluates the visual aesthetic and design choices that contribute to the overall atmosphere of an anime. Judges will consider factors such as creativity, cohesion, and impact on the viewer.

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Q: Who Are Some Of The Notable Judges Participating In The 2024 Anime Awards?

A: The panel includes luminaries such as Yumiko Watanabe, Tadashi Sudo, Tristan Gallant, Valentin Paquot, Bismarka Kurniawan, and MartinPixel. Their diverse backgrounds and expertise ensure a comprehensive and fair evaluation of the nominated works.

Q: How Has Crunchyroll Innovated In 2023, Setting The Stage For The Anime Awards?

A: Crunchyroll’s 2023 has been marked by strategic collaborations, including a partnership with Amazon, the launch of a dedicated U.S. anime channel, and entry into the gaming market. These initiatives showcase the platform’s commitment to enhancing the anime-watching experience.

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Q: When And Where Will The Crunchyroll Anime Awards Ceremony Take Place?

A: The awards ceremony is scheduled for March 2, 2024, at the Grand Prince Hotel Shin Takanawa in Tokyo, Japan. Stay tuned for updates on how to watch the ceremony and celebrate the best of anime.

As the anime community eagerly awaits the Crunchyroll Anime Awards, the stage is set for a grand celebration of creativity, innovation, and the diverse stories that have captured the hearts of fans worldwide.

From seasoned veterans to emerging talents, the awards aim to honor the collective brilliance that defines the world of anime in 2024.