The Art of Setting: Enhancing Round Cut Diamond Rings

Round Cut Diamond Rings – With Clarity

Published on July 29th, 2023

The setting can make or break a diamond ring’s appearance. It can enhance the beauty and overall appearance of a round-cut diamond ring.

The right setting can also elevate the brilliance, showcase the cut, and level up the diamond’s sparkle.

So it is important to look for a setting that enhances the gemstone’s unique features and reflects your style.

Which Are The Most Popular Setting Styles For Round Cut Diamond Rings?

As you browse for round cut diamond rings, there are some setting styles that complement round cut diamonds. Here are some terms that you need to know:

  • Prong: The diamond ring’s prongs may be little, but they play a big role in the stone’s security and brilliance. Diamonds are expensive so you want sturdy prongs to hold your round diamond in place. The prongs also allow enough light exposure to the diamond to enhance its brilliance.
  • Halo: A halo diamond ring is a setting that has a center diamond amid a collection of round pavé or micro-pavé diamonds. These pavé stones flash with light and focus the attention on the center diamond. This creates interest and draws attention to the diamond ring. The halo not only adds sparkle, it gives the illusion of a larger center diamond. Halo settings offer elegance, luxury, and plenty of sparkle.
  • Bezel: Bezel settings provide a sleek and modern look for a round diamond. The bezel setting has a ring of metal that holds the diamond in place. This ring of metal slightly overlaps the edges of the stone, which helps keep it safe and protected. It can also give the illusion of a larger center diamond, especially if the metal matches the center stone.

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Pavé And Micro-Pavé Settings

Another term that you’ll hear when discussing settings is pavé and micro-pavé. The word pavé means “pavement” in French.

If you see a setting’s description that says pavé, it means it features smaller diamonds set closely together for additional sparkle.

This setting detail is timeless, elegant, romantic, and eye-catching. Pavé-set diamonds are held in place with metal prongs or beads to create an appearance of a line (or lines) of continuous small diamonds.

You’ll see them in the bands of settings. Sizes for these tiny diamonds are typically 0.01 to 0.02 carats. Micro-pavé settings have even smaller diamonds to create a continuous sparkling surface.

They give the illusion that the entire band is made of tiny diamonds.

Pavé and micro-pavé details look stunning on diamond rings because they enhance the center stone, increase the brilliance and add additional elegance to your ring.

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Unique And Customized Settings

As you browse diamond rings, you’ll see that there are plenty of unique settings that can reflect your personal style and preferences.

You can also find jewelers that allow you customized options, such as selecting the metal, colors of side stones, and size of the center stone.

An important aspect of selecting a diamond ring is finding one that represents you.

For truly unique settings, look at tension settings where the diamond appears to float between two ends of the band.

It uses compression to hold a center diamond or gemstone in place. They are modern, mesmerizing, and truly gorgeous.

Also check out toi-et-moi (translates to “you and me”) that pairs two center stones and offers a modern and artistic ring look.

It symbolizes two coming together–think significant other, mother and daughter, or any other loving partnership in your life.

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So Which Setting Should You Pick?

First things first, consider how secure and durable you need the setting to be based on your lifestyle and daily activities.

Some settings and metals are more durable than others. Consider the diamond’s size and proportion so that you can choose a setting that complements its shape and highlight’s its best qualities.

Different settings, center stones, and materials, such as metals, impact your bottom line. It is therefore important to understand how these options can impact your budget.

For example, platinum costs more than white, yellow, or rose gold.

And lastly, work with a reputed jeweler to help you find the perfect setting that elevates the brilliance and uniqueness of your round-cut diamond ring.

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