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Fanfiction.net Down: Users Report Access Issues

Is Fanfiction.net Down

Published on September 16th, 2023

Fanfiction.net is a popular website where individuals can publish and read fanfiction stories.

It’s a platform where fans of various books, movies, TV shows, and other forms of media can write and share their own creative stories based on characters and settings from their favorite works.

Users can explore a wide range of fanfiction across different genres and fandoms on the site.

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Is Fanfiction.net Down or Not Working?

As per Downdetector, over 700 users reported issues with Fanfiction.net just before 6:30 am IST on Saturday.

Fanfiction Website Outages

Half of the problems are associated with the website, while 49 percent of readers are reporting issues with the server connection.

FictionPress, the company that runs Fanfiction, released a statement on X (formerly Twitter) at 7:00 am IST that read: “Datacenter facility has ongoing power failure causing our servers and switches to be either power cycled or still offline. We estimate full resolution within 2-3 hours. Pending update.”

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The root cause of the outage was determined to be associated with the facility where servers are located, according to FictionPress.

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FictionPress Tweeted: Why Are You Facing Issues?

After an unexpected power failure at the data center, we are gradually restoring the servers to operation. The power outage necessitated manual inspections of each server, service, and drive by our staff, which is proving to be a time-consuming process.