This Photographer Traveled To 37 Countries To Prove That Female Beauty Is Everywhere

1. Two years ago Romania-based photographer Mihaela Noroc decided she needed a change in her life.



2. “I had jobs that I didn’t like. I was working just for money, had exhausting and uniform days, and I realized that all my life could be like this,” she told BuzzFeed News.



3. A vacation abroad inspired her to make a change.



4. “A trip to Ethiopia showed me some wonderful women, far away from our modern world and trends. This was the moment when I realized that beauty is everywhere and I could show this to all the world.”



5. This led to her photo project “Atlas of Beauty,” where she spent the next 15 months traveling the world taking pictures of women in 37 different countries.



6. She told BuzzFeed that there are many aspects to beauty:



7. “We shouldn’t lose our cultures, traditions, and origins because these make us different and beautiful.”



8. But the trip wasn’t always easy.



9. “I met all kinds of viruses, and had some exhausting rides by land.”



10. Though ultimately, the project affirmed Noroc’s beliefs.



11. “I can say that every day of traveling confirms to me that beauty really is everywhere,” she said.



12. Mihaela hopes to continue her ambitious project and plans to travel to even more countries in the future.



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