Starting A Business: How To Find Office Space In The Netherlands?

Office Space In The Netherlands

Published on July 19th, 2022

Finding office space is one of the crucial steps for starting a business in the Netherlands. Having a physical office in the Netherlands establishes your business as a local player and can significantly boost brand awareness.

As simple as identifying the perfect office space may seem, this is often a challenging experience for many entrepreneurs.

Depending on the area you want to set up a physical presence, you may have many options to choose from or even none. To make this task much easier, here are some professional tips on how to find perfect office space in the Netherlands.

1. You Need To Figure Out Your Office Needs

Many new entrepreneurs in the Netherlands make the mistake of rushing into looking for office spaces without first identifying their business needs. Offices in all major cities in the Netherlands are categorized by space.

To know the ideal amount of space needed, you should factor in the number of employees and whether you will need additional conferences and document storage rooms. If you can figure out a suitable layout, that would be great.

Also, while discussing cities in the Netherlands, you will have to narrow down which part you want to locate your office.

Amsterdam, the capital, is the favorite option for many business owners. For more information, visit this office space consultant in Amsterdam. However, other cities such as Rotterdam and Utrecht also have a lot to offer.

Before setting up an office in one of these cities, if you are an expat, you must ensure you meet the conditions for staying in the Netherlands. Foreigners interested in starting a business must possess a Residence Permit and apply for a business bank account. These are mandatory requirements.

2. Define A Budget

In all cities in the Netherlands, you can find both affordable and expensive office spaces to rent. Whether you are an established enterprise or a startup, your business must be able to afford the rent. Therefore, before you begin your search, you need to come up with a budget.

To develop a reasonable budget, find out the area’s average price per square meter. Rates will differ depending on the geographical location.

This country’s average price per square meter per year is 132 euros. The least you can pay for a square meter per year is 35 euros, and the highest is 450 euros.

There is a lot of wiggle room in between, so you are assured of finding an office space that suits your budget. When defining a budget, you need to consider utilities and maintenance fees.

3. Launch Your Search For Office Space

Now that you have figured out your office needs and have a budget, you are ready to dive into the real estate market.

Thanks to the internet, when most of us want to find an office space, the first place we check is the internet. When you do that, you will find hundreds of listings, and it can take forever to narrow down your choices.

The other option entails requesting referrals from friends, family, and colleagues. With this option, you may not have many choices to choose from.

The best method for finding the perfect office to rent in the Netherlands is to hire a consultant. For instance, an office space consultant Amsterdam can listen to your business needs and budget and provide options that suit your preferences.

Finding an office space is a tedious process. A consultant does all the work for you and saves you valuable time you can use to register your business with the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration.

Thanks to their local knowledge, the consultant can offer you in-depth information about the area. They can also handle negotiations with landlords on your behalf.

Final Thoughts

After delegating the search for office space to a consultant, they will share several listings with you. You can browse these listings and plan tours of potential office spaces. If you like what you see, all there will be left to do is negotiate a lease and make payment.

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