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Watch This Video To Know Why Dogs Want Humans To Stay At Home All The Time

Dog hides human keys

December 7th, 2021   |   Updated on June 25th, 2022

Humans are dogs for the duration of their life, and if it was possible they should ensure that their entire life is centered around them and only them!

They’d like their human to be at home throughout the day, for snuggles and affection in abundance. This is exactly what this video that was posted on Reddit illustrates.

In the video, an adorable Golden Retriever doggo is seen gazing at the camera clearly and with a keen eye as if to prove that he is aware of what is happening.

After a couple of minutes of eye contact, the dog turns to go away and continues running for a few minutes with keys hanging from his mouth until he is spotted behind the stairs. The keys belonged to his human as they tried to get out of the house for some reason.

The dog with a playful personality certainly knew how to go to just at any cost to ensure that their loved ones spend the longest amount of their time together. “Dog steals key to prevent his human from leaving,” says the caption to accompany this hilarious video of a dog.

The video was posted on the subreddit r/Animals Being Jer on the 22nd of November. The video has brought more than 31,500 likes as well as a number of responses.

“I once quit a job and when the boss asked why I said I missed my dog,” said one Redditor. “Aww how cute,” wrote another. “I’d stay in that home forever, how could you say no?” said another.