3 Hobbies You Can Take Up With Your Significant Other

Hobby Together

March 11th, 2019   |   Updated on February 28th, 2023

Can you imagine dating someone who couldn’t be more different from you in every way? It is perfectly normal for individuals to display beliefs and preferences that differ from those of their romantic partner. The whole “opposites attract” trope is one that is commonly accepted, and even embraced. However, what if you start to realize that you don’t have much in common after all?

There are a number of hobbies that you and your partner can take up together that will help you build a long-lasting and meaningful connection, regardless of your previously held interests and hobbies. It will be especially beneficial to your relationship if you choose a hobby both of you have never explored before. This way, you can learn new things about each other.

Here are 3 hobbies you and your significant other can do together that will start your new connection off right, or give a more matured relationship a much-needed spark.

1. Read A Novel Together

Hobby Together

Read the same novel over the course of a few weeks whenever you are apart and then discuss it when both of you have finished reading. You can develop a shared sense of meaning over a novel’s intricate plot, characters, and themes. This more traditional form of entertainment can offer a break from the unrelenting familiarity of Netflix movies and shows that you two watch together.

Take turns picking the novel to be read. Your beau might be interested in older classics, like the masterpieces of Jane Austen, while you may opt for works by more contemporary authors like Nicholas Sparks. Encourage each other to step outside comfort zones and absorb material that you may otherwise neglect.

The discussion of romance novels can stimulate conversations about aspects of your relationship and encourage passion and love. While a great choice, the novels you select certainly don’t have to be romantic in nature. Mystery, adventure, and fantasy novels can all spark engaging conversation and get you to bond with your partner.

2. Learn An Instrument


Learning an instrument with your significant other is a perfect bonding technique. You can teach and receive lessons, hold each other accountable for practicing, and encourage each other to persevere through frustrating moments.

In addition to these emotional benefits of learning an instrument together, your physical attractiveness is guaranteed to skyrocket. Who doesn’t love a guy or girl who can expertly play the drums, piano, or guitar? It requires a certain level of skill, patience, and dedication to obtain the necessary skills to play any instrument, and you will gain a sense of appreciation for your partner’s devotion and dexterity.

If you’re hesitant at first, start on a small scale with a used instrument bought from a thrift store. Once you and your partner become serious about learning an instrument together, consider investing in the proper gear that will last, like the drumming equipment found at Drum Center of Portsmouth. Their equipment guide will tell you exactly what gear is suited for your skill level.

3. Cooking Or Baking


This is a very useful skill that you can become great at together! You can show off your creativity and even make a cookbook eventually.

Don’t be shy about showing your partner what you know, and accept instruction and advice from them. The two of you can share family recipes and bond over culinary preferences and dislikes. Cooking and baking with your loved one is a great way to develop honesty and teamwork.

Step Outside The Box With Your S.O.!

Even if you and your partner end up not liking the hobby you choose to partake in, the experience of trying it out will only bring the two of you closer together. Don’t be afraid to read a new genre, or pick up an instrument you’ve always wanted to try with your S.O.

Explore each other’s interests, establish trust, and foster intimacy with these 3 hobbies. If one doesn’t stick, try another!