How To Start A Fintech Company In PR Activities

How To Start A Fintech Company

Published on December 2nd, 2022

Fintech is one of the most dynamic industries of our time. The number of innovations that appear in this sphere every year is incalculable. And all of them are directed to make financial operations easier, more comfortable, and safer.

That is why fintech pr company in this sphere is more relevant today than ever before. They will help to build an individual promotion strategy and point out your shortcomings.

The media landscape of the financial technology world, where every day something happens, offers excellent opportunities for the promotion of fintech companies. How not to miss them?

1. Understand Your Target Audience

If you know your audience well, you can easily determine what media content they read, what events they follow, what news they pay attention to, and where they get their information from.

2. Identify Journalists Who Write On Your Topics

Once you understand what your target audiences are reading, identify the journalists who write on your topics. Most journalists today have a specialty – many of them write about the fintech market.

They are the ones who are of the most value to you. Here it is important to understand that journalists often change jobs – you need to keep track of this by keeping in touch with them.

3. Monitor Important Events In The Fintech Industry

Wherever your company operates, in Russia or other markets, something is always happening in the fintech industry.

Major market players release their reports, conduct research, make deals, and invest in new solutions and products.

Significant and sometimes revolutionary decisions for the fintech market are made at the state level, and regulators change the rules.

When preparing their materials, journalists are interested in the comments of market experts, who are able to assess the short-term and long-term consequences of all these events, give their forecasts, or simply explain the logic and motives behind certain decisions.

4. Start A Blog On The Company Website

American companies love and are not afraid to engage in direct dialogue with both their direct customers and with representatives of other segments of the market.

They do it openly — on social networks and on their blog on their website. This is a great way to uncover the secrets of the financial world and explain complicated financial technologies using simple examples close to the mass reader.

American companies’ blogs can be used to inspire and find new topics for the Russian media and their social networks.

Generally speaking, a blog on a company site is a rule of good tone in American business culture which many domestic companies often ignore.

And rightly so, because Square’s blog is a platform for small and medium-sized businesses, where you can find useful advice and learn about the latest trends and insights.

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