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How To Watch Wrexham Season 2

How To Watch Wrexham Season 2

Published on September 13th, 2023

Season 1 of the football documentary “Welcome to Wrexham” proved to be a major success on Disney+. So, when can we expect Season 2 to start streaming?

“Welcome to Wrexham” Season 1 offers an entertaining, motivational, and consistently astonishing look at the recent acquisition of Wrexham Football Club.

What distinguishes it from other soccer series is that the individuals taking charge were none other than Rob McElhenney, the creator and star of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” and the iconic Ryan Reynolds, known for his role as Deadpool.

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The documentary chronicles their endeavors to acquire the club, assemble a competitive team, and secure enough victories for a promotion to the next level in the football hierarchy.

While Season 1 didn’t conclude with that achievement, their journey continues in Season 2 as they work toward this goal once again.

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Is it streaming? How To Watch Wrexham Season 2

Season 2 of “Welcome to Wrexham” is currently available for streaming on FX and Hulu in the United States, and it can be enjoyed on Disney+ in the United Kingdom.

The inaugural episode of this new series premiered on September 12, 2023, in the United States, and owing to the time zone difference, it became accessible in Europe on September 13.

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Titled ‘Welcome Back to Wrexham,’ the first episode of the season sets the stage with the official synopsis reading: “A fresh football season commences as the town, the team, and the owners gear up to welcome King Charles III.”

Subsequent episodes will be unveiled on a weekly basis every Tuesday/Wednesday, with the titles of the next five installments as follows:

  • Episode 2: ‘The Quiet Zone’
  • Episode 3: ‘Nott Yet’
  • Episode 4: ‘Shaun’s Vacation’
  • Episode 5: ‘First Losers’
  • Episode 6: ‘Ballers’

Watch Wrexham Season 2

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What Happens In ‘Welcome Back To Wrexham’?

Season 2’s debut episode opens dramatically as Ryan Reynolds reveals a surprising development: “The King of England called.” The episode then showcases King Charles III’s visit to the city and the football ground.

Following this royal introduction, a concise recap of Season 1 ensues, delving into why the stars acquired the club, their efforts in improving the stadium and team, and their disappointment in failing to secure promotion to League Two during the playoffs.

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In the summer, the club made significant player acquisitions, though these came with hefty price tags.

To offset these expenses, as well as finance plans for a new stand, achieving promotion becomes imperative.

In the words of Rob McElhenney, “From a financial perspective, if we don’t get promoted this season, we’re in dire straits.”

Early goalkeeper injuries and a goalkeeping blunder put the club behind in their first match. However, Wrexham mounts a thrilling comeback in the final 20 minutes, ultimately triumphing over Eastleigh with a score of 2-1.

The episode takes a humorous turn as the actors attend a ‘Monarchy boot-camp’ with an etiquette coach to prepare for their encounter with the King. This segment provides amusement primarily for them rather than the audience.

The narrative continues as Ryan and Rob put their newfound etiquette skills into practice during their meeting with King Charles and Camilla.

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The pair guides the royal couple on a tour of the stadium, with Charles quipping to Rob about the perpetual sunny weather in Philadelphia.

The episode’s concluding minutes center on the dismantling of the Kop section in preparation for the stadium’s redevelopment.

Wrexham’s disheartening 2-0 loss to “serious rivals” Chesterfield, marked by more goalkeeping mishaps, compounds their troubles. Additionally, the club’s failure to secure government funding for the new stand leaves the episode on an unexpected low note.

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