28 Amazing Ideas For A Christmas Wedding

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November 20th, 2019   |   Updated on February 27th, 2024

As all the songs say it’s the most wonderful time of the year.

If you love the feelings that come with the holidays, then you are probably thinking about having your wedding close to Christmas, but you might be debating on where it will be amazing or people will think that is too tacky and cheesy.

And that is a really good question to ask yourself before you start planning.

The key is to make it chic but festive and in the holiday spirit. So here are some amazing Christmas wedding ideas that can help you plan your non-cheesy Christmas wedding.

1. Use Christmas Colours As Your Colour Scheme

Christmas Wedding

Firstly you have to think about what your venue is. If your wedding is taking place in a place that has a lot of marble in it, silver accents will make your venue get that holiday vibe.

On the other hand, if you end up going with a barn style venue, choosing colours like burgundy and rose gold will do the trick.

Christmas is the season of sparkles. It doesn’t matter if you incorporate it with a crimson red and dark navy colour scheme or go with a metallic grey with deep green, or incorporate blush pink shades, Christmas weddings are meant to be glitter party.

2. It’s Never Too Much Stingy Twinkle Lights


There is no such thing as too many stingy twinkle lights when you are having a Christmas wedding. It makes the whole venue feel magical, they are really cheap and they are really easy to put up and incorporate.

They can be used as a table decoration, or to add some light to the bouquets. Whatever you decide to do with them they will make a super romantic and dreamy vibe.

3. Don’t Overdo It


The number one rule when you are having a holiday-themed wedding is to not make cringe. You need to make it tasteful.

Having a huge Christmas tree with tacky ornaments and lights, sprayed with fake snow and the whole room being filled by stockings is making it cringe and not tasteful.

Instead, go for something like pine garlands on the tables and some vintage looking Christmas candles in brass holders.

4. Give Out Calligraphy Ornaments As Favours

This is really heartwarming favour that every guest will love and appreciate. Make customised glass ornaments that have your guests’ initials written on them, and they can even be used as escort cards.

This is just one of the creative Christmas themed ways of getting the guests to their seats.

5. Do A Modern Twist On A Classic Christmas Drink

Christmas Wedding enjoy

There is a lot of space to experiment with drinks that will make your Christmas wedding feel complete. If you are a more family-oriented wedding and there will be families with their children then having a hot chocolate bar will make everyone happy.

But for those who would like some alcohol in their bodies, you can simply spike the hot chocolates with Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey, Baileys or any liquor like that.

But if most of your guests are of age, you can make it more Christmassy by adding some seasonal drinks that are made with cranberry juice, champagne and Cointreau.

Or have signature cocktails, you can make candy cane martinis that can be made from strawberry vodka, crème de menthe, mint candy and cranberry juice.

Your possibilities are truly endless when it comes to creating drinks and pleasing all of your guests.

6. Have Christmas Themed Wedding Flowers

wedding flower

You can easily add festive glamour to your wedding flowers by choosing from choosing some of the snazzy decorations that can be found anywhere when the holidays start.

You don’t have to go out and buy expensive flowers and make fancy arrangements, you can simply add ribbons, gems bows or any Christmas decorations.

You can add some seasonal flowers to like red winter berries to make the arrangement more festive. And red looks great in contrast with white blooms.

7. Christmas Themed Photo Booth Props

If your wedding is Christmas themed but you don’t want or just can go all out, a great way to incorporate it into the decor is to have some Christmas themed props in your photo booth.

Props like antlers and a metallic backdrops will make the photos pop and get everyone in the Christmas spirit without going all out on green and red stripes.

8. Add Different Kinds Of Wreaths

If you want something a little more other than a classic green wreath, you can go for something like a frosted pastel that is made from an interesting material, or add something gold and floral that has a Christmassy but wedding like vibe.

9. Woodland Christmas Style

If you want to go for a Christmas woodland theme, you will need to incorporate a lot of natural elements, use plenty of green foliage and pinecones.

Adding holly, ivy is standard and plain, if you want to spice it up you can add things like evergreen boughs and pussy willow.

If you want to go with white flowers you can like snowdrops and lilies, which is combined with some crimson red blooms like amaryllis or ranunculus, but if you want to keep it simple, you can go with gypsophila.

10. Christmas Wedding  Greetings

greeting weding

Holiday greetings are something everyone likes, there are so many ways you can incorporate the holiday spirit on to your wedding invitations.

Choose a traditional holiday colour palette because it is elegant but you can still distinguish it from a Christmas card.

You can add small details, like the plaid paper design or a watercolour garlands with red berries, in order to announce the Christmas theme to your guests.

Make sure that you send out your invitations early because that way you will induce that people are keeping in mind that date when they are planning their holidays.

11. Christmas China

You can bring the holiday magic to all the tables, all you need to do is bring out your most beautiful Christmas china.

It will create a warm holiday atmosphere that will make everyone feel like they are at their family Christmas dinner.

12. Add A Ribbon To The Flower Girls Basket

bouquets of flowers

Make your flowers girls’ blooms in a shape of a pine cone and put a cute red accent ribbon, and it will make a subtle hit of the Christmas feeling to your wedding, and it will look even cuter while she walks down the aisle.

13. Choose The Perfect Christmas Wedding Cake

You can go with a traditional wedding cake but put a little twist on it, you can go for a version of millefoglie with festive red fruit and something green. Or you can go over the top with a fully decorated cake that has sugar snowflakes decorations and glitter.

If you want to do something unexpected you can skip the wedding cake and instead have a classic Christmas dessert, for example, a bourbon pecan pie.

14. Take Out A Loan To Make Your Day Perfect

Weddings are always really expensive, but having a wedding that is so near or during holidays makes it more expensive. And most of the time couples will have to give up the idea because they don’t have sufficient funds to make it happen.

Taking out low rate wedding loans will make the perfect solution and help your dream wedding come true. This will save you the awkward topics of the budget with your wedding planner.

15. Mix Textures

Have a mixture of textures and shapes in your centrepiece. If you have banquet tables incorporate blooms like roses and tulips that are different styles but still work well together.

16. A Welcoming Treat

Before your wedding starts, you can greet your guests with ginger cookies and mulled wine or cinnamon apple tea.

17. Make Candy Cane Centrepieces

This is a really creative way of decorating. Add candy canes to your decor to add a pop of colour. You can put them in a vase along with some white flowers to make it look more sophisticated.

If you go for fun vases that are glittery will make it look more fun and interesting looking.

18. Forget Confetti And Go For Tinsel

As you are walking down the aisle, instead of throwing confetti give your guests some tinsel to throw around. Tinsel will add shine to your photos as you walk down like a freshly married couple.

You can also place it on all of the guest tables for decoration. There is no limit when it comes to using tinsel for decoration.

19. Jingle The Bells

Jingle The Bells

Cute little jingle bells are the best thing you can add to make a Christmassy environment. Use them to get your guests attention when it comes to giving the wedding toasts.

20. Custom Knitted Ring Pillows

You can make custom Christmas themed knitted ring pillows that your little ones can bring the rings down the aisle.

21. A Velvet Tux That Will Look Amazing On Your Prince Charming

Velvet is back in the trend. Because it is making such a strong comeback, velvet tux is an amazing idea for your groom to wear.

You can go with the classic black or blue, but if you really want to be in the spirit, choose a dark green tux to match the green and red colours of Christmas.

22. Wear Velvet Shoes

Velvet Shoe

If you have a Christmas wedding, it is important that people know how to dress. As a bride, you could add some seasonal texture with some velvet heels to match the tux of the groom.

Go for colours like red, green or black depending on the colour of the tux the groom is wearing. Because it is coming back as a trend, you will have no problems finding the shoes.

23. Christmas Wedding Bridesmaids Attire

There are so many options when it comes to dressing for a Christmas wedding. You can incorporate long dresses with shrugs and big ear muffs. If you want to be more noticeable you can add some sparkly accessories that will go with the wedding theme.

24. Christmassy Boutonnieres

Make really beautiful boutonnieres out of green seeded eucalyptus, red paper berry and white freesia. It is subtle, beautiful and it will complement the whole Christmas wedding theme.

25. Bring Out The Christmas Crackers

fire works

Who doesn’t like the Christmas cracker, you can put one on everybody’s plates for pre-dinner fun. It will lighten the mood and everybody will be giggly and happy.

26. Don’t Stay In The Red And Green Zone

It seems really natural to have red and green details in a Christmas wedding or a lot of white with some metallic accents, but we are going to help you get out of your comfort zone with the whole colour scheme and do something modern and more unexpected.

Incorporate a palette of blacks and greys with matte textures. Add some deep berry accents and there you go. It is not the first colour palette that comes to your mind when you think of Christmas, but it makes a great holiday vibe.

You can add some vintage champagne glasses and ornaments on the plates for an extra feel holiday-ness.

27. It’s Never Too Much Sparkles

If you are worried that your wedding is to plain, then simply add sparkles anywhere you like. Because there is never too many sparkles.

You can incorporate it through accessories or decorations.

28. Prepare For The Photos

If you are having a winter wedding you are most likely going to have a photoshoot outside. First, you need to tell that to your photographer and your guests so they are prepared. Then you need to think about how you will protect you and your guests from the show and cold.

If it is simply too cold to take pictures outside or you can’t provide heaters, there are many ways to have amazing pictures inside of your venue.

These are only some Christmas wedding ideas, of course, it is your wedding and it should be based on your taste. The most important thing is that you are happy about it and you are enjoying your wedding.