18 Peppy Ideas To Keep Your Romance Alive When Life Gets Messy

Ways to keep Fizz & Sizzle in YOUR romantic relationship.

Remember a time when you couldn’t keep your eyes off your partner? One look, one touch, and you’d spend all day glowing in what felt like an all-consuming passion.

But, now that you’ve been together awhile, things have changed. Your days are now filled with to-do lists and social obligations. When your partner caresses you, you might get sleepy rather than turned on.

What keeps you away from living swoony, loopy-in-love life? There are plenty of ways to keep the passion alive all year, which helps to genuinely strengthen your relationship.

Here are 18 peppy ideas to keep your romance alive:

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1. The Date Nights Should Not Stop. Keep Them Going

romance - date-nights

2. The Date Nights Must Be Made Special



3. Additional Encouraging Words Must Be Offered



4. When Relationship Goes downhill, Flirt More



5. Don’t Stop Making Love



6. Touch Is Therapeutic. Touch Each Other


7. Introduce Surprises Off and On



8. Romanticise Normal Day To Day Activities



9. Discover Comfort Zones To Be Stress Free



10. Identify One Stressor Each Of You Can Eliminate



11. Physical Intimacy Helps



12. Sharing A Shower Is A Good Idea



13. Say “No” To Others To Find Time For Your Partner


14. “I Forgive You” Can Be Magical In A Messy Relationship



15. Don’t Vent Your Frustrations On Your Partner



16. Laugh More Together With Your Partner



17. Give Time To Yourself So You Meet Back Refreshed

 -romance-Date Nights-17

18. How About A Romantic Getaway?



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