Do You Know Chocolate Was Used As A Currency In Ancient Civilizations Of Mexico And South America? Here Are The 20 Interesting Food Facts You May Not Be Aware Of


November 25th, 2020   |   Updated on June 27th, 2022

Chocolate was used as a currency in ancient civilizations Of Mexico and south America. Bad eggs will always float in the water, and  the good ones will fall to the bottom. Here are the 20 Interesting food facts you may not be aware of.

1. Do You Know Cheese Is The Most Stolen Food In The World?


2. Bananas, Cucumbers, Kiwis All Are Berries. But, Strawberries, Blackberries And Raspberries Are Not.


3. Potatoes Increase WiFi Signals And Are Used To Test Signals In Aircrafts


4. One Fast Food Burger, Both In Fast Food Places And Grocery Stores, Can Have Meat From 100 Different Cows


5. Nutmeg Works Like A Hallucinogen. Do You Know Why? Because It Has A Natural Compound  Called Myristicin.


6. Do You Know Why Crackers Have Holes In Them? Because They Prevent Air Bubbles From Ruining The Product.


7. Once Upon A Time, Ketchup Used To Be A Medicine. It Was Believed To  Treat Diarrhea And Indigestion.


8. The Most Expensive Pizza In The World Costs $12,000 Dollars


9. White Chocolate’s Name Is Deceiving. It Doesn’t Have Any Components Which Are Used In Regular Chocolate.


10. Oily Fibrous Materials Used To Transport Pistachio Nuts Can Cause Them To Break Out In Flames


11. Fruit Stickers Are Non-toxic And You Can Actually Eat It.


12. Junk Food Causes Obesity. Everybody Knows This. But Do You Know Junk Foods Are Ten Times Cheaper Than Junk Foods?


13. Sugar Causes Less Harm To Your Teeth Than Crackers. Because, Acid Is The Biggest Cause Of Tooth Decay, And Crackers Have Plenty Of Acid.


14. Chemical In Chili Peppers Called Capsaicin Don’t Actually Burn Your Mouth. The Pain Is All In Your Head.


15. Chocolate Was Used As A Currency In Ancient Civilizations Of Mexico And South America


16. Some People Are Scared Of Peanut Butter


17. Honey Is Bee Vomit


18. Sandwich Is Some The Inventions That Shows Humans Are Smart When It Comes To Food.


19. There’s A Special Polymer In The Cell Walls Of Mushrooms. If You Overcook Mushrooms, It Ceases To Be Tasty.


20. The Fresher The Egg, The Faster It Will Fall To The Bottom And Bad Eggs Will Float