All The Long Weekends Of The Year 2020

long weekends 2020

December 13th, 2019   |   Updated on June 27th, 2022

When your boss is quite stingy with the holidays you turn to figure out the long weekends so you can steal some moments for yourself.

Thankfully India gets its share of holidays and if they are falling close to a weekend just taking one leave can help you zoom off to a destination of your choice.

We have here compiled for you a list of the long weekends that you would get this coming year so you can start your planning today itself.

1. January 2020

  • 1st January, Wednesday – New Year’s Day a holiday for all
  • 2nd January, Thursday- Guru Gobind Singh Birthday

If you can take an off on Friday i.e. 3rd January you would get a pretty long weekend of 5 days and that too right at the beginning of the year.

2. February 2020

  • 21st February, Friday- Maha Shivratri

There is only one long weekend this month. You can combine all three days and take some time off.

3. March 2020

  • 9th March Monday- Holika Dahan
  • 10th March Tuesday- Holi

Combine all four days and zip off to an exotic location.

4. April 2020

  • 6th April, Monday- Mahavir Jayanti
  • 10th April, Friday- Good Friday

Two long weekends in the month of April and you can use them to cruise off to your favorite destination.

5. May 2020

  • 1st May, Friday- Labor day
  • 25th May, Monday- Eid Ul Fitr

Apart from that Buddha Purnima would fall on May 7th which is a Thursday. If you can take the Friday off you can surely enjoy your moments of solitude.

6. July 2020

  • 31st July, Friday Eid –Al –Adha

Your August beginning can be a fun trip to wherever you desire. Just start your planning today itself.

7. August 2020

  • 3rd August, Monday- Rakshabandhan
  • 31st August, Monday- Onam

Combine these Monday’s with your weekend and have some fun along with the festival fervor.

8. October 2020

  • 2nd October, Friday- Gandhi Jayanti
  • 29th October, Thursday- Eid- Ul-Milad

Just join in your Friday and you could have a 4 day weekend all to yourself.

9. November 2020

  • 16th November, Monday- Bhai Dooj
  • 30th November, Monday- Guru Nanak Birthday

Diwali this year is on November 14th which is a Saturday.

10. December 2020

End the last weekend of the month on a positive note with an exhilarating trip to some unique destination.