Matka Man From Delhi: A Superhero That’s More Powerful Than The Entire Marvel Stable

Matka Man from Delhi

Published on November 24th, 2021

Anand Mahindra has shared a blog post of gratitude for Alag Natarajan aka ‘Matka Man Alag Natarajan, also known as ‘Matka Man’. He is on a quest to provide clean drinking clean water for the cities million. Mr Natarajan is an Panchsheel Park resident, drives around in his vehicle each day to fill clay pots in South Delhi with clean drinking water. “A matka is an Indian clay pot traditionally used to store and keep water cold,” the man describes in his site. “I am using matkas to provide drinking water to poor people.”

The idea of a single earthen pot of water in front of his house has evolved into a project to lay matkas across South Delhi. The initiative has given Mr Natarajan the title of “Matka Man”. As per The New Indian Express the newspaper, Mr Natarajan currently wakes each day at 5 am to refill 70-80 pots of water, which the public are able to drink for free.

“A Superhero that’s more powerful than the entire Marvel stable,” Anand Mahindra, the Chairman of the Mahindra Group, said in an acknowledgement tweet to this South Delhi resident. Mahindra acknowledged the resident Natarajan for selecting his Mahindra Bolero SUV for his “noble work”.

Mr. Mahindra also shared a clip showing Alag Natarajan and his Bolero which he utilizes to tow water tanks. Check out this video:


The tweet by Mahindra also praised Delhi’s “Matka Man for returning to his home town to help the needy after spending three years in London. “Apparently he was an entrepreneur in England and a cancer conqueror who returned to India to quietly serve the poor,” he wrote.

The tweet went viral, with more than 4,000 “likes” and hundreds of positive comments about the tweeter.

On on his website Mr.  Natarajan’s Mahindra Bolero maxi-truck comes with two water tanks that are 1000-litres in capacity. “I have engineered both my vans as a spectacle. I want to draw attention to my project and I enjoy the artistry of the work,” Mr Natarajan says.

In addition to giving water for Delhi residents Alongside providing water to Delhi residents, Mr Natarajan travels around the city to distribute food for labourers and construction workers every two or three days of the week. He also has set up around 100 cycle pumps throughout South Delhi “to give poor people the flexibility to fill air 24/7.”