9 Questions About Meat Alternatives You Were Too Embarrassed To Ask

January 30th, 2020   |   Updated on June 25th, 2022

Impossible Foods joined hands with Burger King, Qdoba, and some other restaurants and franchises. Beyond Meat, the competitor of Impossible Foods had consumers like Del Taco, Subway, and KFC. Both of these food giants started selling burgers but eventually they launched new products like ground beef by Beyond’s to sausage by Impossible’s to KFC chicken by Beyond’s.

These deals have increased the company’s valuation in the market. Beyond Meat’s stock value increased to $169 from $25. This means that the company has a market capitalization of $100 million. The company also earned an additional $300 million through investor funding.

More than 9 billion animals are raised and killed every year in factory farms. This has led to a variety of problems among with climate change is the major one. These green meats will definitely help to solve a wide range of such problems.

Let’s have a look at 9 questions which can help the green meat to reach to the mainstream masses –

1. What Are Meat Alternatives? Are They Different From Veggie Burgers?

These meat alternatives are made from plant products but they are produced in such a way that they taste exactly like the real meat. There are also cell based meat products which are made from the animal cells but they are raised under the food production plant and thus any animal is not slaughtered because of this.

Alternative meat should not be seen only for vegans and vegetarians. As long as it is nutritious and cheap, people will love it. Green meat manufacturers are involved in making the product taste the same and also should have the micronutrient so that meat eaters will love this.

And the major difference between meat alternatives and veggie burger is that veggie burger is targeted only towards vegan people but meat alternatives are looking at the market as a whole.

2. But Do They Very Similar To The Actual Meat?

Two major companies which are involved in meat alternatives are – Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat. Both the companies have appreciated the taste. But if you talk to the food reviewers then they have a mixed feeling.

They believe that the taste is different and though on the first bite you won’t be able to tell it but eventually by the end of the meal you will realize it. So, in a nutshell we can say that the taste differs from person to person and thus it is a complete individual choice.

3. Why Is The Hype About Meatless Meat Now?

Two major companies – Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat have gained a lot of eye balls with this meatless meat. Their share prices have sky rocketed and they have gained immense headlines.

Experts have said that people have become more health conscious and they also want the best for the environment. And thus this trend has emerged.

And also many people have realized that with great awareness and publicity the consumer demand will also get heightened. And thus meatless meat is almost everywhere now.

4. Is Meatless Meat Healthier Than The Actual Meat?

Eating vegetables is any day good. But many have pointed out that this meatless meat is actually not healthy. The star point here is that since they are manufactured from plants, thus they are processed one and the processed ones are not healthy.

But plant based meat will not have the cancer factor from the red meat and also any kind of food poising because of low or inadequate cooking could also be avoided. So, the conclusion is that meatless meat is healthier in some aspects and in some areas it is missing the nutritional benefits of the real meat.

5. Which One Is Better For The Environment – Meatless Meat Or Regular Meat?

Now, here comes the major pro. Meatless meat is obviously very good for the environment, land, water, soil and almost everything. Livestock cultivation which is the major contributor to green house gas emission can be checked with this.

As per a rough estimate, an animal feed has 10 calories of meat and as a output we used to ge 1 calorie of meat. So, with meatless meat you are actually saving a tenth of the carbon costs of the actual meat. Also, Impossible Burger 2.0 showed evidences that it’s carbon footprint has reduced by 89 percent when compared to a cow made burger.

Water usage has also reduced by 87 percent and land usage too by 96 percent. At present, meatless meat industry is only 1% of the total market share but it is expected to grow in the near future by leaps and bounds.  Economies of scale is said to be a major factor here. And if meatless meat becomes successful then the impact will be huge on the climate and the environment.

6. What Do You Think About “Cell-Based”/“Lab-Grown”/“Cultured” Meat? Is It Same Or Different, From The Plant-Based Meat?

Now, there is another type of meatless meat which is actually cell based or lab growth one. Cell based meat grows inside the serum. But this one will taste exactly like meat but of course cell based meats are still a long way to go. But cell based meat has a number of obstacles.

Increasing the scale and that too at competitive prices can be really difficult. But there is a great deal that researchers are still figuring out. like replacing a beef is easier but a steak is real problem. But there are people who are hopeful that with correct technology and money pumped in, cell based meat would actually see the future.

When Meat producers like Tyson Foods joined hands with Memphis Meats, which is a top cell-based meat company, future looks good. And there are more than 9-20 major players in the market.

7. Do This Means The End Of A Meat Era?

Well, if the statistics are to be believed then the demand of meat has actually rose. People are becoming wealthier and thus their diet is having a major westernized shift and thus more and more people are craving for meat.

But meat consumptions is adding to a number of problems. Antibiotic resistance is one. Antibiotics is being fed to animals to overcome any kind of sickness in them but with time bacteria develops resistance to these antibiotics.

And this is a major cause of rift between US and China presently. And of course who can ignore the effect of meat industry on the climate. So, everyone is hopeful about the meatless meat. India and China is said to be positive about the same. There are many people in America as well who are interested in plant based meat.

8. Any Alternative Ways To Lessen Consumption Of Meat?

Of course there is vegan and vegetarianism. Environmentalists have tried to raise awareness about climate change and farming and encouraged people to go vegan. The trend is slowly catching up. And thus schools are encouraging at least one day without meat to children and their parents as well.

“Reducetarianism.” is also increasing day by day. And this is where full blown non vegetarians are encouraged to reduce their meat consumption by some portions. Another strict way is tax the meat. This would discourage low income people to consume the same.

Also, the Government can stop subsidizing meat. But people believe that if there is a healthier alternative and if people are made more and more aware then f course the shift towards the green meat would be much more long lasting

9. So, What’s Next?

Agreement between Beyond Meat, Impossible Foods, and major food giants indicate that consumer will get benefitted from a lot of products and ultimately the planet earth would be benefitted, The future of meatless meat looks good with these agreements in place.

Now, one such major food player which is not participating in this meatless meat noise is McDonald’s. It’s competitors like Burgers King, KFC, and many others have already joined hands with such meatless meat companies.

And many are estimating that McDonald’s will also join hands with Beyond Meat or they may already be working from the inside. But McDonald’s is silent publicily because firstly they want to be sure that this is not just a trend. Big meat giants like Tyson and Purdue Farms, are advocating plant-based meat.

This move is not only great for the consumers but for the environment too. And if more and more people join the trend then, of course, you can get the best products and the prices will also be quite low.