Ways Of Getting The Most Fun With Your Replica Lightsaber

Most Fun With Your Replica Lightsaber

Published on November 15th, 2022

For many die-hard star wars fans, channelling their inner Jedi is what gives them the feeling of being truly connected to the force. However, in order to feel the part, you have to look the part and having your very own replica lightsaber is a step in the right direction.

Apart from showing your commitment to the force, a replica lightsaber can be a fun addition to your collection of star wars memorabilia. Below are some of the fun ways you can exploit your replica lightsaber’s full power and potential.


If you’re a cosplayer, a replica lightsaber is necessary for making any Jedi or Sith cosplay look more authentic.

This is because, when it comes to highly recognizable movie props, nothing beats replica lightsabers.

In fact, lightsabers are so well-known around the world that even people who haven’t seen the movies would immediately recognize you as a fan of the franchise once they see your replica lightsaber.

Also, replica lightsabers are some of the few movie weapons that are actually allowed in places like comic-con, so you can attend these events while fully embodying the character that you’re cosplaying.

Combat Or Dueling

There are different types of replica lightsabers, and some of them are made for combat and duelling, like the ones sold by Padawan Outpost.

If you have one of the duel-ready ones, then you can have a lot of fun by sparring with other replica lightsaber owners.

Thanks to technology, most of the replica lightsabers on the market today are top-tier with highly realistic sounds and effects, all of which will make for a more thrilling combat experience.

However, before you engage in any lightsaber duels, do remember to study the different fighting styles for each type of lightsaber.

You can even enrol in some formal training classes (yes! there are schools for lightsaber training) to really hone your duelling skills. Also, once you’re confident in your lightsaber-wielding skills, you can even participate in some of the lightsaber duelling competitions commonly held by fan groups.

It’s Fun For Every Generation

One of the best things about the star wars franchise is that it has a fan base that spans different generations.

From millennials to Gen Z, there is a replica lightsaber on the market for every generation of star wars fans.

These lightsaber replicas also come in different designs and prices, so everyone can join in on the fun.

Custom-Making Your Own Replica Lightsaber Can Be Fun

While it can be fun to embody your favourite character by owning a replica of their lightsaber, a true star wars fan understands that crafting a lightsaber is a right of passage for a young Jedi (as the size, shape, and all other features incorporated is dependent on their personal preferences, abilities, and fighting style).

So, it can be quite fun to craft your own unique and one-of-a-kind lightsaber. There are many replica lightsaber craft shops where you can pay to create a lightsaber replica by yourself.


For a Star Wars faithful, owning a replica lightsaber is one of the best ways to stay connected to the force. It is what completes any star wars cosplay or collection and you can have a lot of fun duelling experiences with it.

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