16 Most Original Wedding Gift Ideas Every Couple Will Love

Most Original Wedding Gift Ideas

January 29th, 2020   |   Updated on February 18th, 2023

Sometimes it can be problematic to come up with a great wedding gift. You don’t want it to be something common and predictable but you just can’t quite get it.

Well, check out this list of truly original wedding gift ideas that will amaze any couple you know.

1. A Custom Star Map Poster

Why not actually show the happy couple that their love was written in the stars? You can order a lovely custom poster of an authentic astrology map on the night and location of your choice.

You can commemorate the evening when they first met, got engaged or you can even wait after the wedding is over so that you can get an astrology map poster of the stars during their wedding day.

2. Wedding Venue Clock

Every household needs a clock but this one is a special one indeed – it’s decorated by a laser-etched version of the happy couple’s wedding venue, along with their names and the wedding date.

It’s even possible to paint the background sky in the color that will match their home, so it will be both a practical gift and a heart-warming memory.

3. Wine Club Membership

If the bride and the groom are wine lovers, then they will adore this gift. Choosing membership in the right club will allow them to enjoy fine wines and gorgeous packaging, as well.

Even if the couple are complete beginners when it comes to wine tasting, the right club will enable them to get familiar with different types and flavors.

4. Aromatherapy Diffuser Speaker

Everyone enjoys a quality candle but you should raise the bar with gifting the happy couple with a Bluetooth-enabled oil diffuser, which is also a speaker.

The diffuser usually comes with a bottle of some aromatic oil, ready to be used right after the wedding. In a way, you got them three gifts, how great is that?

5. Vintage-Style Bar Cart

Don’t opt for classic, simple carts but choose one that serves as a wonderful decorative item inside a room. You may have to look for a while but finding the right vintage-style one will be worth the trouble.

For example, there is a wonderful cart that comes in the form of a globe, painted with replications of Italian frescoes. It’s a perfect place for storing wine, whiskey, and glasses and to decorate the room at the same time.

6. Wedding Message Throw

A lovely throw will last a lifetime, especially if it’s made of wool. You can make it unique and personal by having a leather patch sewn into the corner.

The message can be whatever you find suitable for the couple in question – whether it’s the date of their wedding, their names or a few lines on love. Just make sure you choose the right pattern and color if you want it to match their sofa.

7. Personalized Bamboo Cutting Board

Bamboo cutting boards can last really long and have been very popular for quite some time now.

However, you can personalize them by having the couple’s names and the wedding date carved onto them. It will look lovely on the kitchen counter and be used for both cutting and serving food.

8. Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera

Everybody has a camera but it’s rarer that someone owns a polaroid camera. They are incredibly fun, so put a smile on the couple’s faces and allow them to create instant honeymoon memories with this camera that instantly prints polaroid photos.

You can consider giving it to them as a shower gift so that they could have fun with guests at the reception.

9. Massage Chair

Most of us love a good massage so why not enable the couple to have one whenever they want to without leaving their home? Do your best to find a multifunctional massage chair that will provide ultimate relaxation experience.

The couple will definitely be amazed by it, especially if you find one that fits into the surrounding furnishings easily.

10. Custom Watercolor Painting

Choose a lovely photo of the couple and have it hand-painted, creating a watercolor painting.

You can choose any size you want and give it to the happy couple at the wedding or wait until the wedding photos are available so that you can choose one of the wedding photos to be turned into a watercolor painting. It’s a wonderful reminder of their love and their special day.

11. Handmade Couple Passport Holder

In case the bride and the groom enjoy traveling and discovering new places together, then a personalized set of passport covers will amaze them.

The personalized covers usually have a lovely message engraved but you can also have their names put on the covers, which is also a practical thing to do.

12. Canvas Print Of Their Wedding Song

If you know which song will be played while the bride and the groom are walking down the aisle or which song they will first dance to as a newly-wedded couple, then consider ordering a canvas printed with the lyrics of that song.

Finalize it with their names in one of the corners and make it a wonderful living room decoration. In case you don’t know the exact song before the wedding, just wait and order it afterward.

13. Making Their Own Wedding Rings

Isn’t there anything more romantic and symbolic than handcrafting your own wedding rings? That would be a beautiful and touching gift for the couple but you have to organize it in time so that the couple doesn’t choose and buy the rings on their own.

Find a studio of an artisan jeweler that teaches some basic goldsmithing techniques to the customers. That way, they will be able to make their own rings, which will have a strong symbolism for their love for one another.

14. Suitcase With A Built-In Charger

A quality suitcase will be well received by a couple who travels a lot, especially if it comes with some perks. Get them a durable, theft-proof suitcase which will allow them to be carefree while traveling.

If you find the one with a built-in charger, that will definitely be a lifesaver during long layovers. The more pockets the suitcase has, the easier it will be to organize their things and keep them neat.

15. Helicopter Pleasure Flight

If the bride and the groom have an adventurous side to them, then a helicopter joy ride will be a memorable gift for them.

In case there’s an option of hiring a helicopter for a ride over a popular location, why not surprise them with it? It will be a thing they will talk about for years, that’s for sure.

16. Airbnb Gift Card

A great gift for couples who love traveling, no matter how far they are ready to go. You can provide them Airbnb accommodation that they can use on their honeymoon ar a simple weekend getaway when they feel like it.

Final Words

getting a perfect wedding gift, of course, depends very much on the couple themselves. Even if you come up with a truly original gift or choose some of the ones listed here, always have the personalities of the bride and the groom in mind. Only then will you definitely nail the perfect wedding gift for them.

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