Light Your Night Up With These Fine Whiskey DIY Cocktails

Whiskey cocktail recipes

February 19th, 2019   |   Updated on August 23rd, 2021

It’s a friend’s reunion, and you invite your old school buddies for a fine dinner at your place, Or are you inviting your boss at your home for an informal meetup?

Do you know what the perfect thing to serve them with is? It’s whiskey. However, while serving whiskey, it’s important to do it the right way. You can’t have the expertise of a bartender, but you can know a thing or two to make an impression.

There are a few things for you to know if you want to polish your bartending skills at home. A few additions to the ingredients, a few tips for serving it the right way enhances your impression positively.

While whiskey alone can do wonders to the mood, serving it in the form of a cocktail adds to the taste and style.


Here Below Are Some Excellent Cocktails You Can Prepare Using Whiskey:

1. Hot Toddy

A fine blend of American, Canadian, or Irish whiskey presented with lemonade and honey makes the best Hot Toddy. It’s especially beneficial for those who are sick and need whiskey to freshen up.

Preparing it is no rocket science as there are certain ingredients to go with. Adding honey and hot water makes you cocktail taste bliss.

The cocktail doesn’t only give you a fantastic experience but also helps reenergize yourselves with some rich energy sources. Honey is rich in nutrition that gives you warmth if you are suffering from cold.

2. Ginger Whiskey Cocktail

Sometimes, even the smallest of ingredients can make your whiskey taste incredibly amazing. Anyone can make a good drink with the finest of ingredients, but they who make the little things count are the real connoisseurs one would look for. It doesn’t take much for the ginger whiskey cocktail to prepare. It just needs basic bartending sense.

A simple mixture of whiskey with ginger ale catalyzes the taste that the whiskey would alone give to you. Served with lime on top of that would be another cherry on the cake. Hey there, don’t forget to put some ice in it!

3. Classic Manhattan

The rye whiskey which was once in abundance in the United States still has a few fans left here. Now mostly manufactured in Canada, rye whiskey is the primary ingredient for the classic Manhattan cocktail.

Vermouths, bitters, and cherry juice spice up your cocktail and make it taste extremely blissful. While blending the ingredients, one must keep in mind to add bitters, as they are the soul to this drink.

For the basic spirit to add life to it, you can go for the bourbon whiskey which is readily available all over the states.

For 2 ounces of rye whiskey, one would require ¾ ounces of vermouth and about 2 dashes of bitter (preferably Angostura). Here it is, an excellent classic Manhattan, ready to serve.

4. Old Fashioned Whiskey

Old-fashioned whiskey cocktail

The old-fashioned whiskey cocktail is alone enough to compete with many new age cocktails. Spiced up with the taste of bitters, the old-fashioned whiskey doesn’t need much time to prepare.

Simple syrup and orange peel are the ingredients to change the flavor of ordinary whiskey and turn it into the evergreen old-fashioned whiskey. You need to shake the above ingredients in a mug or a glass so that they mix up well.

You need some straining after shaking and blending it well. You can serve this classic breed of whiskey cocktail with red cherries, which add to both looks as well as the taste of the drink. For whiskey, bourbon would be the ideal choice. You can also go for a malted one, but bourbon would be better.

5. The Revolver

Made with 4 amazing ingredients that add to the taste of an ordinary whiskey and makes it The Revolver. You can choose suitable bourbon that you love and mix it up with coffee particles and bitters.

You can serve the revolver with orange peels which would make for the perfect garnishing item. For choosing the suitable bourbon, you can always go for the Kentucky Bourbon which is usually the first choice for many.

Other bourbons too, go with the revolver and make a perfect glass of whiskey cocktail. The unique thing about the revolver is the coffee liqueur added with it, which sets this drink apart from the other cocktails.

6. Tallulah

Peanuts can do wonders to your drink, not only as an ingredient for a side dish which goes well with your drink but also as one of the ingredients to your whiskey.

Tallulah has a long history of evolution and has roots from the tradition of popping peanuts into regular coke. You need to use coke with your regular whiskey to enjoy the taste of this fantastic southern drink making the perfect cocktail.

For preparing a classic glass of Tallulah, you need some peanut granules and orgeat and blend it with a vintage Jack Daniels from irontondistillery It would make you crave for the drink, which describes how amazing it tastes.

7. Whiskey Sour

Whiskey Sour is an acquired taste. It is an easy to make a vintage drink with a separate fan base all over the states, or all over the world, one should say.

They are the most basic kind of drink with basic ingredients that make a perfect blend of serving. You don’t even need to do much to prepare one of these whiskey sours. Well, don’t confuse it with sour mix.

You don’t even need any specific whiskey type to prepare this type of cocktail. It tastes sweet and sour as both sweet and sour spirits are there in equal proportion. There’s 50% of classic whiskey blend with 25% each sweet and sour spirits. Here’s your ready-to-serve whiskey sour.

Whiskey Sour cocktail

When you think of cocktails, you don’t have to worry much about the ingredients you are going to blend in them, but you should care about the proportion in which you are making the mixture. Even the simplest of ingredients when put together well can make you the most delicious cocktail. So, now that you know of the secret to impress your guests, get yourself on the bar now!