Pizza And Pasta, My Two Loves - Pizza And Pasta, My Two Loves

November 10th, 2017   |   Updated on April 2nd, 2024

Pizza and pasta are two of my favorite foods. Give me a pizza or a pasta anytime of the day, I am your best friend. It is great even on days when I feel low. It cheers me up instantly.

I am sure there are many like me. Why not!? They are so yummy and the tummy feels happy right after it. Of course, the choice of where the pizza and pasta have come from makes a great difference to the post effects of eating a pizza or pasta.

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I am careful about choosing right whenever I order pasta online. I am particular about the herbs, spices, cheese, vegetables and the sauce that goes into making pasta.

Thankfully in all orders online, you really get what you see, so it is a breeze. Some apps even allow you to pick the size of portions you want.

Apps like Freshmenu even allow ordering pasta online from chefs. If pasta makes me happy, then customized chef prepared pasta is my ticket to the moon. It is like getting pampered the five star way when the effort is not even one star from my side. That’s a great bargain!

top view slow food pizza and pasta

I can say something similar about my patterns when ordering pizza online. Of course, the choice of toppings and crusts is a whole lot different than that of pasta.

There is no crust in pasta! Right! So, who am I kidding!! Anyways, keeping this lame joke aside, going for an order pizza online is like an invitation to a party. The variety possible today is simply mind boggling.

There are pizza options for vegetarians, eggetarians, meat lovers, vegans and even Jains. Then there are toppings that range from exotic vegetables to plain old paneer.

My bet is even if one were to eat one pizza type a day, there are unique choices to pick from for at least a month. Isnt’ that awesome!

Pizza And Pasta, My Two Loves

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I love pasta and pizza so much that my love for them is absolutely contagious. I remember one of my uncles, saying that I am an unrecognized pizza and pasta lover.

According to him, if the food apps and restaurants which I recommend to people for pizza and pasta were to pay me money for every recommendation; I would be a millionaire in no time.

This is an idea that I should probably consider very strongly! Then I’d probably have enough to start my own order pizza online or order pasta online venture.

Pizza And Pasta, My Two Loves -

On that note, it is a great idea to order food online. I am not getting paid by anyone to say this. It saves a lot of time, hassle and trouble. I love to keep things simple.

Ordering pasta online or food online falls in line with this motto! Keeping things simple is the best way to live life according to me. Kudos to food apps and food tech for making this a possibility. More power to them! - Pizza And Pasta, My Two Loves

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