Don’t Get Married Before Answering These Simple 7 Questions

May 15th, 2019   |   Updated on July 22nd, 2022

If you want to be truly happy in a relationship be completely honest from the beginning. You have spent enough time together after falling in love. Now, you are ready to take a big step. Planning to get married?

Have you thought about all the issues that you will have to deal with once you get married? You have been in a relationship for a while, and it has been a smooth sailing for both of you.

However, starting a life together demands patience, perseverance, your ability to understand your partner. Before marriage, you should answer these questions, only then you should move forward. Are you ready?


1. Know Yourself Before Knowing Your Partner

The best way to start a long journey together is to answer ‘Who am I’? After answering this question, you will be able to know what you are looking for in your partner.


2. Are Both Of You On The Same Page?

She is willing to compromise, but you have already identified certain no go areas. This means the relationship is not balanced. How can the relationship work, when only one of you is ready to do most of the giving?


3. Can You Handle Stress, Individually And Collectively?


Marriage is something different than online dating. You will be living in the real world, dealing with real issues. One of you might be having office-related stress. Either your or your partner’s parent has a health scare. In early romance, you know how to restrain yourself in difficult situations. In the long term relationship, things can go really ugly. Can you handle such situations?


4. Think About Kids? Think About Their Numbers?

You are quite okay with kids. You have already decided about their numbers. You want to have two kids. But have you discussed this with your partner? What will be your reaction, if your partner wants to stop after one child?


5. Will You Be Comfortable with In-Laws?


Ask any of your married friends about in-laws? How do they think about their in-laws? Do they find them the biggest problem within their marriage? Can you handle your troublesome in-laws? Can you stop your wife from spending the holiday with her brother’s families? Should you?


6. Are You Expecting A Dramatic Change In Your Partner?

You have spent enough time together. You know each other very well. You are not happy with your partner’s certain behavior. are you thinking that things will get better after marriage? Do you think that your partner will be less selfish, or more responsible person with money after having kids? take your partner as they are, not as they should be.


7. What Are Your ‘Sexpectations’?

Most Ridiculous Questions Ever Asked

In marriage sex will be not what you have experience so far, what you have seen in movies. Your expectations of sex ae formed by the environment you live in. Your partners expectation about sex after marriage may differ too greatly from yours. So, answer honestly what are your sexpectations.