30 Most Romantic Ways To Propose Your Love On Propose Day

Romantic Ways To Propose Your Love

February 8th, 2019   |   Updated on February 28th, 2023

So, you are in love and are just planning to pop the question. Maybe the Valentine’s Day would be the right occasion to do so. The traditional methods of proposing are just so passé and these days girlfriends want their partners to think of something different.

But men being men are just so unaware about what makes a woman happy. For such men, we bring a list of 30 romantic ways to propose to your love.

We are sure these ideas would give you the much-required hint and help you in making the proposal unique and classy. These ideas would show your love for her and surely she is going to say yes in response.

1. Holiday Cheer. The Holidays Are The Perfect Time To Propose. Hang The Ring Box Like An Ornament On The Tree. When The Last Present Has Been Opened, Say, “Wait, There’s Still One More Present.” Ask Your Intended To Find It Or Simply Retrieve It And Propose.

Holiday Cheer


2. Massage. Give Your Sweetheart A Sensual Massage And Save The Left Hand For Last. As You Massage That Hand, Slip The Ring On And Be Ready To Pop The Question.

Give Your Sweetheart A Sensual Massage And Save The Left Hand For Last


3. Trail Of Flowers. Create A Path To The Engagement Ring. For Example, Scatter Petals From The Front Door To The Bedroom And Use More Petals To Spell Out “Will You Marry Me?” Alternatively, You Could Use Candles To Trace A Path, But Be Careful. Don’t Burn The House Down!

Trail of Flowers


4. A Diamond In The Chocolate Rough. Buy A Box Of Chocolates For Your Sweetheart And Replace One Chocolate With The Ring. When They Open It Up, Get Down On One Knee To Finish The Job.

A Diamond in the Chocolate Rough


5. Silver Screen Moment. Most Movie Theaters Have Repeating Advertising Slides Before The Previews That Can Be Purchased. Pay For Slide And Be Sure To Get To The Theater Early Enough.

Silver Screen Moment


6. Choose A Favorite Place—whether It’s A Fountain, Hotel Rooftop, Monument Or National Park—that Has Personal Significance To The Two Of You. Once You’re There, Ask Someone Nearby To Take A Picture Of You Together, And Instead Of Posing, Drop Down On One Knee.

Romantic proposal ideas


7. Have A Choir, Brass Band Or Drum Line Show Up For A Surprise Performance Of Your Fiance-to-be’s Favorite Love Song In A Park Or Public Location For Your Proposal. For A Really Personal Touch, Ask The Performers If They Can Incorporate Your Fiance’s Name Into The Lyrics.

Creative ways to proposeImage :


8. Arrange A Surprise Proposal With A Street Caricaturist. Have The Caricaturist Sketch A Picture Of You Two With Word Bubbles That Say, “Will You Marry Me?” And “Yes!”

Proposal tips and tricksSource:


9. Send Your Unsuspecting Fiance-to-be On A Treasure Hunt That Ends With Your Proposal. Start With A Clue At Home (A Handwritten Note Or Text Message) That Leads To A Tour Of Your Favorite Spots All Over  Town.

Memorable proposal moments


10. Plan A Romantic Destination Getaway For Two. When You’re On The Plane, Use The Loudspeaker System (Of Course, Run Your Plan By The Flight Attendants First) And Propose At 35,000 Feet.

Heartfelt proposal gestures



11. Rent A Vespa, Scooter Or Bikes To Tour The City And Invite Your Soon-to-be Fiance For A Ride, But Remind Him Or Her To Be Safe And Wear A Helmet. Hand Over The Helmet (With The Ring Box Already In It), And Then You Can Zip Around Town To Celebrate.

Wedding proposal inspiration portrait with Piaggio Vespa in Ital - Unique proposal surprisesImage:


12. Go To The Beach And Build A Sandcastle Together (At A Safe Distance From The Ocean!).when Your Partner Isn’t Looking, Put The Ring On The Highest Tower.Unforgettable proposal memories


13. After A Long Day Of Sightseeing, Have A Drink In The Hotel Bar. When It’s Time To Go, Have Roses, Candles And Champagne All Set Up In Your Hotel Room—everything For A Perfect Surprise Proposal.

Proposing to your loved one


14. Gather A Bunch Of Your Friends And Family For A Party And Have Everyone Put On A T-shirt Or Carry Balloons Filled With Helium (Otherwise They Won’t Float) Bearing One Of The Letters In The Phrase, “Will You Marry Me?” Then During The Party Suggest A Group Picture To Reveal The Message.

Perfect proposal inspiration


15. Spell Your Proposal Out In Glow-in-the-dark Star Stickers On Your Ceiling. Get Into Bed, Turn The Lights Off And Wait For The Gasp. Refrigerator Magnet Letters Work Too!

Proposal planning guide


16. Throwback To Your Childhood With A Proposal Written In Sidewalk Chalk On Your Street Or Driveway.

Romantic proposal stories


17. Create Makeshift Letters That Spell Out, “Will You Marry Me?” Using Anything From Colored Duct Tape (Against A Wall Or A Piece Of Poster Board) To Scrapbooking Materials. Surprise Your Partner With Your Creation At Work, Home Or The Park.

Proposal on special occasions


18. Fill A Favorite Room In Your Home With Photo Memories From Your Relationship; You Can Hang Them From Balloons Or Cover The Walls With Them For A Jaw-dropping Surprise.

Proposing on Propose Day


19. Turn Off All The Lights In Your Apartment And Make A Trail Of Candles That Leads To A Circle Of Votives Positioned Around The Ring.

Ways to express your loveImage:

20. Slip The Ring On While Your Soon-to-be Fiance Is Sleeping And Then Do A Romantic Morning Wake-up Call With Champagne And Strawberries.

Making your proposal special


21. Cook A Five-star-worthy Meal Of All Your Fiance-to-be’s Favorite Foods, Or Hire A Personal Chef For The Night. Propose Over Dessert!

Proposal success tips


22. Have A Custom Jigsaw Puzzle Made With Your Picture And The Words “Marry Me?” On A Rainy Day, Suggest This Activity, And When You’ve Finished Enough That You Can Clearly See The Photo And Read The Words, It’s Time To Propose!

Creating a proposal planImage:


23. Hire A Photographer To Capture Your Proposal, But Tell Your Partner You’ve Won A Romantic Couple’s Photo Shoot. Get Dressed Up And Then Propose Mid-shoot, And Follow It Up With A Romantic Engagement Shoot.

Romantic proposal settings


24. Pick The Perfect Spot To Propose And Have A Photographer Hide Somewhere Discreet. After Your Proposal, Your Photographer Can Snap Some Posed Photos Too.

Proposal speech ideas


25. Tell Your Fiance-to-be That You’ve Been Selected For A Couple’s “Casting Call” At A Studio, And Then Propose In Front Of The Cameras.

Personalized proposal ideas


26. Pull Off A Tiny Fake Out By Asking For Your Partner’s Ring Size In Obvious Ways . When They Accuse You Of Ruining The Surprise That You’re Shopping For A Ring, Say, “Okay, Try This One Instead.”

Meaningful proposal moments


27. Rake The Leaves In His Or Her Yard To Spell Out Your Proposal.

Proposal message inspiration


28. Propose In A Flower Or Botanical Garden When Everything Is In Bloom.

Proposal photo ideas


29. On Your Partner’s Birthday, Plan A “Surprise Party,” And Then Pretend To Ruin The Surprise By Having Him Or Her Get There Early. The Real Shock Will Be When You Propose And All Of Your Friends And Family Show Up Afterward To Celebrate.

Creative proposal decor


30. On New Year’s Eve, Sneak Away To A Romantic Spot Just Before Midnight And Propose As The Perfect Start To The New Year. Then Celebrate With A Kiss And Plenty Of Champagne.

Proposal celebration ideas

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