7 Clever And Creative Ways To Save Space In Your Home

Save Space in Your Home

Published on March 29th, 2023

Whether you have a lot of stuff or have a growing family, it’s no surprise that you’re stretched for space. People regularly grow out of their living spaces and don’t want to downsize. That’s why the majority of Americans now prefer living in larger homes.

Unfortunately, moving isn’t always possible. Whether it’s your finances or the need to live in a specific location, limiting factors may prevent you from finding a larger space to live.

The good news is that some options are available if you want to save space in your home. Follow the seven space-saving ideas below to make the most of the space you have.

1. Make Use of Walls

One common problem people have with small spaces is the lack of storage. They have a lot of things and not enough places to store them.

You may not want to keep putting cabinets and other storage furniture on the floor to make that space. It reduces the amount of usable space you have, and depending on what you want to use a room for, it may not work for your needs.

You can use empty space on the wall to solve this problem. Set up shelving on your walls to keep the things you don’t have space for. You can put up shelves for different purposes to keep your extra stuff organized and off the floor.

2. Use Multipurpose Furniture

It’s not uncommon to buy a piece of furniture for very specific needs. Take a dresser and nightstand combo, for instance. You have a dresser for your clothes and a nightstand to put things next to your bed. The problem is that this way of doing things takes up too much space.

Instead, use your furniture for many purposes. Instead of buying a nightstand, use a small dresser as a nightstand and put it next to your bed. You’ll get a place to store your clothes and put things next to you when you sleep — all while saving a lot of space.

You can find solutions like this throughout your house, so think of other smart ways to use your furniture.

3. Use Corner Well

People waste space in their homes by placing furniture in the middle of the room. One common room where this happens is the living room. People place couches in the middle of the room to watch the TV, leaving no space for anything else.

You can still design great rooms by not doing this. Instead, look for corners to put your furniture in that are out of the way. Couches, for instance, come in L designs and fit well in corners.

The bedroom is another situation where this happens. Beds in the middle of the room don’t leave much room for anything else. Place your bed in the corner to free up space for other stuff.

4. Buy Storage Baskets

Even if you do an excellent job of installing storage in your home, there may be a few things that don’t fit anywhere. Unfortunately, these are the things people often leave lying around — and make a mess in the process.

Storage baskets are a great solution to this problem if you have something to put them under. You can assign different baskets for product categories and use them solely for those products.

Once you organize your loose items in your storage baskets, find something to put them under to keep them out of the way.

Another great thing about storage baskets is that they can add a little style to your room. There are countless products available that will fit every room decor you can imagine.

5. Move Furniture Not in Use

Another great way to save space in a home is to move furniture you aren’t using. Many tables, bedroom items, and other furniture pieces are small enough to move or collapse to save space.

One common item in this category is a Murphy bed. If you have a small bedroom, your bed may take up much of your free space. Cases like this are the perfect situation for Murphy beds.

Instead of having a large bed taking up space at all times, you collapse your bed into a cabinet during the day. It’s only out and taking space when you use it to sleep.

Read this buying guide for Murphy beds to learn more about them.

6. Use Hooks

You can make use of the walls and ceilings — even without a lot of shelving. Hooks are small and easy to install in your rooms. On top of that, they’re great at holding things like coats and other clothing.

Another great way to use hooks is by adding plants to your rooms. Plants add a lot of vibrancy to dull spaces, but at the same time, the pots take up a lot of space.

Hooks allow you to add plants without wasting your floor and counter space. Put them in your bedroom, kitchen, and everywhere else to liven up your home and make it feel less small.

7. Downsize Your Furniture Size

Many people only buy the largest and coziest furniture they can find. Sure, it will look great and serve you well. However, it will also take up a ton of space and reduce your ability to function in your home.

It’s smart to downsize your furniture size if you need to save space in your home. Buy smaller couches, tables, coffee tables, and others.

The good thing is that you don’t have to sacrifice quality or comfort when doing this. Small furniture functions just as well as the larger alternatives.

Do Whatever is Possible to Save Space

Although having more space when you have a lot of stuff is better, that convenience isn’t always in the cards. Unless you have a small fortune to spend on housing, you may be stuck with a small place to live.

Luckily, you aren’t out of luck if you want to maximize the space you have and still keep a lot of your things around. Use the advice above to create a home layout that helps you save space and get the most out of the space you have.

Did you find this guide helpful and want to read more tips on making the most of your home? Check out more advice on the blog.

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