20 Best Tips To Make Kissing Even Better And Help You Become A Great Kisser

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January 25th, 2021   |   Updated on February 21st, 2023

Kissing can be an incredibly intimate and enjoyable experience, but it can also be nerve-wracking, especially if you’re not confident in your skills. However, with a little practice and some tips, anyone can become a great kisser.

In this response, we’ll explore some of the best tips to help you make kissing even better and become a skilled kisser.

From good oral hygiene to paying attention to your partner’s body language, there are many simple steps you can take to improve your kissing technique and make the experience more enjoyable for both you and your partner.

Here are some tips to help you become a great kisser and make kissing even better:

  • Start with good oral hygiene: Before you even think about kissing someone, make sure you have fresh breath and clean teeth. Brush your teeth, floss, and use mouthwash to freshen your breath.
  • Take it slow: Kissing is not a race, take your time and enjoy the moment. Start with gentle, soft kisses and build up to more passionate ones.
  • Use your hands: Don’t just stand there like a statue. Use your hands to hold your partner’s face, caress their hair, or run your fingers down their back. This can make the experience more intimate and romantic.
  • Pay attention to your partner’s body language: If your partner is pulling away or seems uncomfortable, it’s time to slow down or stop altogether. Communication is key when it comes to kissing.
  • Vary the intensity and pressure: Mix up the intensity and pressure of your kisses. Start with soft, gentle kisses and then add more pressure and intensity as the kiss progresses.
  • Use your lips, tongue, and breath: Don’t be afraid to mix up the types of kisses you use. Try using your lips only, then add in some tongue action, and switch up the pace and pressure. Remember to breathe through your nose and not into your partner’s mouth.
  • Explore your partner’s mouth: Kissing isn’t just about the lips. Use your tongue to explore your partner’s mouth and try different techniques like sucking or nibbling on their lips.
  • Follow your partner’s lead: Every person has their own unique kissing style, so pay attention to what your partner is doing and follow their lead. This can make the experience more enjoyable for both of you.

“I didn’t want to kiss you goodbye — that was the trouble — I wanted to kiss you good night — and there’s a lot of difference.” ― Ernest Hemingway

Here are the 20 best tips to make kissing even better:

1. Let him initiate

A couple kissing passionately with closed eyes

2. Keep your eyes closed

Close-up of two sets of lips touching

3. Keep your breath fresh

A person's hand caressing their partner's face while kissing

4. Ask your partner what they want

A person's lips being gently bitten during a kiss

5. Keep the kisses simple

A couple kissing in a romantic setting, such as a beach or park

6. Kiss bae all over the place

A couple locking eyes while kissing

7. Respect consent – always

A person kissing their partner's neck

8. Use your hands

A person blowing a kiss to their partner

9. Drop the balm on him

A couple kissing with their arms wrapped around each other

10. Choose wisely

A person kissing their partner's forehead

11. Get out of your head

A person kissing their partner's hand

12. Pay attention to what your partner does

A person kissing their partner's shoulder

13. Step away from the hickey

A couple kissing while sitting on a bench

14. Keep your tongue in check

A person kissing their partner's cheek

15. Build up to the big moment

A couple kissing while standing in the rain

16. Keep your hands on the good spots

A person kissing their partner's ear

17. Show affection in other ways

A person kissing their partner's nose

18. Get a little kinky

A person giving their partner a peck on the lips

19. Open up and say, “Ahh!”

A couple kissing in a dimly lit room

20. Take notes on what not to do

A person kissing their partner's fingertips.

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