Smriti Irani’s Inspiring Insagram Post That Will Take Your Motivation To The Next Level

Smriti Irani's Inspiring Insagram Post

October 25th, 2021   |   Updated on June 27th, 2022

Smriti Irani’s Instagram page is full of inspiring, thought-provoking and funny posts. She ensures that her followers are informed about her routine and daily activities and gives a glimpse of her thoughts at times.

In the past, she had taken to Instagram to post a range of photos. Irani is among the most active political figures using social networks.

Recently, she shared a powerful message on her now viral post. She posted a picture of her looking into the mirror in her car.

She also urged viewers to look at yourself as one’s own rivals. Smriti stressed that the reflection that one sees through the mirror is who you should be competing against.

“Look at the mirror that’s your competition,” read the caption of the message.

The post quickly became a viral post on Instagram with over 250,000 likes. People on the internet filled the comments with their responses.

“Needed this today,” a user said. A different member commented,”You are an inspirational person ma’am.”