20 Subtle Signs Of Trouble That Indicate Your Marriage Is Over, And You Don’t Want To Realize It

November 27th, 2020   |   Updated on February 21st, 2023

Are you someone who can talk to your partner without fighting? Do you keep secrets from your partner? We have listed 20 subtle signs that your marriage is over.

1. A Change In Affection Levels

2. Unaligned Expectations

3. Making Jokes At Each Other’s Expense

4. You Stop Exploring Each Other

5. You Talk Over One Another

6. You Vilify Each Other

7. A Need To Win Arguments

8. Imagining Your Spouse With Someone Else Doesn’t Hurt You

9. The Two Of You Don’t Have Sex Anymore

10. You’re Making Major Money Moves Without Your Spouse’s Knowledge

11. You Want To Cheat

12. You’re Having An “Emotional Affair”

13. You Have Different Opinions Regarding Having Kids

14. You Refuse To Compromise

15. Leg Hug

16. Male Spoon

17. You Don’t Want To Listen To Your Spouse’s Problems

18. You Keep Secrets From One Another

19. You Give Up On Your Marriage

20. And You Can’t Talk Without Fighting

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