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16 Crafters Who Refuse To Play By The Rules. They’re Super Creative Crazy Crafts!

Crafters Who Refuse

April 4th, 2017   |   Updated on February 28th, 2024

A home needs the warmth that only its owners can bestow. Every home needs the touch of the people who live there.

Don’t get me wrong, you can find great furnishings that can transform a space with ease these days. You can order a whole kitchen and living room from a catalog and it will look stunning after it’s installed. But it will also look cold, like a showroom floor.

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With a dash of creativity and attitude, you can have a home like few others that tells your guests exactly who lives there: someone with sass, life, and wit.

Do you need a little inspiration? Check out these 16 crafters for completely tactile, out-of-control, giggle-inducing creativity.

We’re sure you are going to love these super creative crazy crafts!

1. Neither is a great argument for shellfish in general

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2. Wow, that’s savage, cardinal. Savage


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3. The best memes deserve to live on, even when the computer is off

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4. A sure-fire conversation starter right there

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5. Yeah, I’m not making any of these anytime soon, but if I could…

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6. Standards are important!

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7. Words to live by…

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8. Although, with a few exceptions

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9. A powerful, objective truth

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10. Not going to lie, totally want this


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11. Also my experience of barnyards

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12. And this

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13. When husbands get dragged out to the craft store, they might act out

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14. There’s nothing you can say that isn’t made better with hearts and rainbows

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15. When you want your home sweet home’s roof to be permanently raised

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16. When you see pretty much anything color-coordinated

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