The Jinx Part 2 Premieres April 21st On HBO Max

The Jinx Part 2 Release Date

Published on April 22nd, 2024

In 2015, “The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst” made a significant impact when it premiered, drawing in viewers with its gripping narrative.

The series, directed by Andrew Jarecki, not only won an Emmy Award but also became a major topic of conversation.

The buzz around the show hit a climax when, mere hours before the final episode aired, Robert Durst was arrested in New Orleans for the murder of his longtime friend, Susan Berman.

“The Jinx” explored the tangled story of Robert Durst, a New York real estate tycoon who seemed to be linked to multiple mysterious deaths and disappearances over two decades, including those of his wife Kathie in 1982, his friend Susan Berman in 2000, and his neighbor Morris Black in 2001.

The final episode contained a jaw-dropping moment, making it one of the most shocking endings in reality television history.

The in-depth research by the filmmakers played a significant role in Durst’s arrest, which eventually led to his conviction.

Now, a second part  “The Jinx” is on the horizon, focusing on the last seven years of Durst’s life, from his arrest to his trial, his eventual conviction, and his death on January 10, 2022, at the age of 78.

The streaming platform Max explained that in the second part of the series, the filmmakers continue their investigation over the next eight years, discovering previously unseen evidence, recording Durst’s phone calls from prison, and interviewing witnesses who had not spoken up until now.

Max also mentioned that the series will feature open discussions with both the prosecutors and the defense attorneys, along with interviews with jurors and the judge from the trial.

The Jinx Part 2

FAQs On The Jinx Part 2 Release Date

Q: When Does “The Jinx − Part Two” Premiere, And How Many Episodes Does It Have?

A: “The Jinx − Part Two” premieres on HBO and Max at 10 EDT/PDT on Sunday, April 21. The series has six episodes, with new episodes releasing weekly on Sundays at the same time.

Q: What Are The Max Subscription Plans For Watching “The Jinx − Part Two”?

A: Max offers three subscription plans:

  • The basic plan is $9.99 per month and includes ads. You can stream on up to two devices simultaneously.
  • The ad-free plan is $15.99 per month, allowing downloads of up to 30 titles for offline viewing.
  • The highest-tier plan is $19.99 per month, which supports streaming on four devices, 4K Ultra HD video quality, and up to 100 downloads.

Q: What Is The Episode Schedule For “The Jinx − Part Two”?

A: The episode schedule for “The Jinx − Part Two” is as follows:

  • Episode 8: Sunday, April 28 at 10 p.m. ET
  • Episode 9: Sunday, May 5 at 10 p.m. ET
  • Episode 10: Sunday, May 12 at 10 p.m. ET

Q: Who Are The Key Participants Featured In “The Jinx − Part Two”?

A: The featured participants in “The Jinx − Part Two” include:

  •   John Lewin and Habib Balian, Deputy District Attorneys of Los Angeles
  •   Dick DeGuerin, lead defense attorney for Durst
  •   David Chesnoff, celebrity lawyer
  •   Charles Bagli, New York Times journalist who covered Durst
  •   Lisa DiPaulo, journalist
  •   Judge Susan Criss
  •   Judge Mark Windham
  •   Various friends and associates of Durst and his victims.

Q: How Can I Watch “The Jinx — Part Two” From Anywhere With A VPN?

A: If “The Jinx — Part Two” isn’t available where you are, you can use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to stream the show from another location. A VPN masks your IP address, allowing you to access content from your home region while you’re traveling or living abroad.

Q: How Do I Watch “The Jinx — Part Two” Online In Canada?

A: In Canada, you can watch “The Jinx — Part Two” on Crave. The premiere episode airs on Sunday, April 21, with new episodes releasing on the following five Sundays.

Q: How Can I Watch “The Jinx — Part Two” In The U.K.?

A: “The Jinx — Part Two” airs on Sky Documentaries in the U.K. at 9 p.m. BST on Monday nights, starting April 22. Sky subscribers can also watch each episode via the Sky Go app on smartphones, computers, game consoles, and various TV streaming devices.

Plans for Sky start from £23/month. Alternatively, you can use a Now Entertainment Membership to access Sky Documentaries content. The Now Entertainment Membership starts at £6.99/month.

Q: How Can I Watch Sky Documentaries Or Sky Go When I’m Traveling Outside The U.K.?

A: If you’re outside the U.K., you’ll need a good streaming VPN to access Sky Go or Now, as these services are geo-blocked. A VPN allows you to connect to a server in the U.K., enabling you to stream Sky content from abroad.

Q: How Do I Watch “The Jinx — Part Two” In Australia?

A: In Australia, you can stream “The Jinx — Part Two” on Binge, with new episodes dropping weekly from Monday, April 22. Binge offers a free 7-day trial, and the Basic plan starts at AU$10/month.

Q: What Are The Subscription Options For Watching “The Jinx — Part Two” On Binge?

  • A: Binge has different subscription tiers:
    • The Basic plan starts at AU$10/month, with more expensive options available if you prefer an ad-free experience or want to stream on multiple devices.

Q: Can I Watch “The Jinx — Part Two” With A Foxtel Subscription In Australia?

A: Yes, if you have a Foxtel subscription, you can watch “The Jinx — Part Two” on Docos every Monday at 7:30 p.m. (or on demand). This is an alternative way to access the show if you’re a Foxtel subscriber.