5 Tips For Making Toast In The Oven Without Burning It

How to make toast in the oven

March 22nd, 2019   |   Updated on June 25th, 2022

Who doesn’t love the smell of freshly toasted bread? That wonderful scent can make you jump off your bed to the first delight of the day with a smile on your face. However, what we really do not want is the smell of burnt toast that even your neighbors can pick up on.

How to make toast in the oven

Making good toast requires dedication and attention to detail. Gradually, you will learn everything you need to make the perfect toast; the kind that makes your day seem easier and happier, with the right amount of butter. This article is for toast lovers and is all about not burning your toast!

How To Make Toast In The Oven

1. Choose a High-Quality Toaster

This is fundamental for so many reasons. With a high-quality toaster, you can set a timer and temperature, customizing your toast to your taste. How do you know what toaster to buy? The Village Bakery is an excellent guide to buying a new toaster. On this site, you will find comparisons between five different 4-Slice toasters, using their reviews and technical features to provide a full and useful guide to making the best, well-informed purchase.

2. Keep It Hot, But Not Too Much!

You may use different loaves of bread for different occasions. The temperature of a toaster should also be adjusted accordingly. For example, white bread is much softer, which also means it burns faster. Setting a lower temperature or a shorter time will save your toasts from being burned. On the other hand, other types of bread can take much longer to toast. They require a higher temperature or longer timing. Once you master your toaster temperatures, there will not be any more burnt toasts in your house.

3. Have In Mind the Type of Toast You Prefer

How to toast bread in oven

Many toasters come with a grid accessory that allows you to heat (or even defrost) bread. This can be used to heat a previously made toast instead of toasting it again. There are many types of toasts. This accessory even allows you to place toppings on your toast and let them melt slowly. Soon, you will be making 5-star grade toasts right from your kitchen without much of an appliance upgrade.

4. Ask For Sliced Bread

One of the reasons behind burnt toasts is often irregular cutting. Some breads are easier to slice than others. Therefore, just to be sure that your bread is sliced evenly, you can request that your bread be sliced when you buy it. That way, your bread will toast evenly, in a perfect and tasty way. It also allows it to fit just the way the toaster’s manufacturer designed it.

5. Burned Toasts Are Bad For Your Health

Acrylamide is a chemical that develops on burnt food like bread and fried potatoes. This chemical has been often associated with cancer. There are many studies on the subject. There is even a campaign for better health that encourages you to ‘Go golden’ when it comes to your toasts. Pay extra attention, burnt toasts can be more harmful than you could ever imagine.