10 Things You Know You Don’t Know But Are Too Afraid To Admit

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July 3rd, 2019   |   Updated on February 18th, 2023

We are afraid of admitting that we don’t know something. What we don’t know maybe something too common, too popular.

Our fear prevents us from admitting that we don’t know what everybody is supposed to know. Here are 10 super cool I know that I don’t know things but we are too afraid to admit:

1. How To Talk To People Online

online chat

I don’t know how to talk to people online or text. I’m afraid my tone and comes off as bitchy or weird. My strong suit is a face-to-face conversation, but hey I’m up for practice! -DaffodilXD

How taxes work. I just graduated and I am completely in the dark on how they work and how to pay them. -sm3xym3xican

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2. How To Dance

I don’t know how to dance which is apparently “veryyyy easy just follow my steps” but now i’m too old to ask anyone to teach me so i sink my sadness in alcohol at parties. -thomchka

3. How To Ride A Bike

bike ride

How to ride a bike, told a friend that and every time we were on the bus and he saw a dude riding their bike he’d go “you jealous?” -ironwolf425

I tried learning how to ride once. I gave up since I live in the middle of nowhere and riding a bike in that area is basically the equivalent of walking off into a sunset knowing you’re going to freeze to death because you left during sunset instead of the morning after. -Nabono

4. How To Communicate With People

How to communicate with people, what to talk about, what to do when you meet up with a friend. haven’t had a friend or anyone that I can talk to for about 5-6 years, so I forgot how to do all that stuff. It’s going to be hard in the future… -Lua4

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5. How Life Generally Works


Taxes? College? Independence? Mortgage? Full-time work? Doctor appointments? -bimedag

The only thing that keeps me from freaking out is that most adults don’t know everything too. Everyone is just winging it. -CrowNoises

6. What Are They Famous For?

It happens a lot that people are talking about famous actors or signer and I act like I know what they’re talking about but I really don’t. No, I don’t live in a cave, but me and my friends are just not interested in the same things and don’t really have passions in common, so they like their thing and I like mine. -feliox

7. Can’t Live Outside Of The City I Grew Up

I recently applied for this opportunity that could be life-changing and I feel I have a great chance at getting it.
However, it would require me to relocate to Los Angeles. I’m a grown man and I have lived on my own before, but never outside of the city, I grew up in and so far away from all my family and friends. I feel stupid saying it, but it kind of scares me, even though it isn’t even a sure thing yet. -eDgAR

8. Where Most States Are

I’m American and couldn’t tell you where most States are, aside from the big ones like California, New York and Florida. Don’t even ask me about places beyond the states. It’s embarrassing. Until recently, I thought Alaska was an island because on maps it’s off to the side with Hawaii. I never even thought about how an island could have a straight edge… -Rockel1117 

9. How To Make Friends

make friend

How the fuck you make friends. Only people I know are the 3 or so I grew up with and that’s it. I’m clinging to them even though they’re going their own directions. I never learned how to make new friends and always got out of learning. Now I’m a grown-ass man with social anxiety and depression.

Like, I know how you make friends. Talk about similar interests / do similar shit together. But nothing ever clicks. Maybe it’s because I’m not the most attractive and likable person. Or because I’m boring as hell. But I’m lost af. I feel like I never grew up and I’m being left behind. -wheatencross1

10. How To Eat Healthily

Grew up poor where we had a lot of frozen dinners or grilled cheesed and ramen noodles. Now I have no idea how to cook. I try and usually things like simple chicken tenderloins come out fine but I always think I’m going to kill people with salmonella. If I ever cook for you expect it to be cut in half… -Olorin919

I’m 32 now but then when I was a kid, all my mom made was frozen dinner and tasteless spaghetti. What I do is use Facebook lol (pretty much the only thing I use Facebook for ) I subscribed to a bunch of cooking/recipe pages and they post videos of them cooking along with a link to the recipe. I find stuff I think looks good, save it for later, and then attempt to make it.

Over time, I’ve learned so much basic stuff to where I’m able to now even change the recipes to suit my own taste and kind of wing it when I’m trying to cook something without using a recipe or video. The good thing about Facebook videos is its recipes for real people, not complicated master chef recipes. -elmturner

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11. How To Ask For Help

aks help

That was a hard one to learn for me. I’m still working on it too. It helps me to remember that most people enjoy helping others if they can. I remember early on in Social Psych learning that people tend to like to feel useful and helpful and that when they’re allowed to help someone else they tend to like that person more. It makes us feel good to help out when we can. -DogsNotHumans