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Top 5 Apps Created By Students

Apps Created By Students

February 17th, 2022   |   Updated on June 28th, 2022

Create many apps without any third-party support and a large development team. Perhaps this fact seems surprising, but students are extremely motivated people who are not ready to stop halfway. So here are the best apps that are worth your attention.

1. Pulse News

Imagine how vast and comprehensive the information space is. Thousands of major news outlets daily publish and write articles relevant to many people.

But is it worth spending a lot of time opening dozens of sites in search of something interesting? Pulse News is an app that will help you get the latest news faster than all your friends.

In general, this software product is an aggregator that collects articles from many sites and creates something like a news feed.

Thanks to this, students can learn many new things and even find a writing service for delegating assignments. What’s more, you can even find an honest review thanks to the app and avoid the pitfalls when studying in college and facing numerous arduous assignments.

2. Eye Can Do

And here is one of the unique applications for paralysed people. American students have developed a software product to control gadgets and many smart home functions.

To activate any function, you need to look at any number button for more than two seconds. Eye-tracking is carried out using the front camera.

Luckily, most modern smartphones have this option, so you don’t need to worry. Most of all, such an application is useful for people with ALS disease that have problems with the spinal cord.

3. Power Planner

Imagine that you have a lot of things to do during the week. As a rule, a busy schedule means that you can forget about any activity.

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about such nuances because Power Planner is what you need. This app helps you create a to-do list and set reminders if you forget what you need to do.

A user-friendly interface and many extra options make Power Planner an indispensable assistant for any student. By the way, you can even create templates to schedule new tasks faster. This option is extremely important, especially if you have many responsibilities and are a student.

4. Battery Go!

If you are an iPhone owner, you probably know that Apple programmatically limits the charging process on all older devices. That is why all owners of such smartphones should know everything about the battery status.

Thanks to “Battery Go!” functions, you will always know how many hours your device can work, depending on the modes of use.

In addition, the interface of the application is very simple, so you do not have to spend a lot of time on adaptation. Now you will always know which work scenario is most relevant depending on the level of charge.

By the way, this application has received many digital awards and has become popular worldwide. Surely such success became possible because student developers aimed to solve problems and not create an application for making money. That is why their software product has become relevant for all vehicle owners.

5. Mafuta Go

Imagine that you often drive a car and reduce its time to find the nearest gas station. In addition, you probably want to save money and choose the cheapest option.

Thanks to Mafuta Go, you will have access to an online map with all markers. The search for the nearest gas station will not take more than a minute.

Such an application is especially important for students who have recently bought a vehicle and are not ready to spend fuel. It is worth noting that the online map loads quickly, and you can use the zoom to find locations and objects.

Why Are Student Apps So Unique?

The main secret lies in that students can think outside the box. They do not make money as the only goal and solve human problems.

Take a look at the biography of young developers, and you will see that these people are hungry for new knowledge. New applications are a way of self-realisation and personal growth for them.

In addition, many students create software products as an experiment to test any theoretical aspects. Usually, these guys are not constrained by commercial frameworks and do not accept stereotypes.

That is why their applications are so unique. Students are very creative people who know how to create unique apps. Thanks to such software products, you can solve many of your problems and access new information.

Take a look at the above list, and you will surely find a useful application. Maybe this list was what you needed for a comfortable pastime or monitoring any data.

Every day, millions of people worldwide use apps on smartphones and tablets. Such programs are ideal for performing various functions such as news reading, currency conversion, or mathematical calculations.

Whatever your goal is, you can certainly achieve it if you have good applications. By the way, you will be surprised when you find out that students