11 International Cuisines Across The Globe

Japanese Cuisine

Published on November 13th, 2018

There is no boundary for food and thanks to the restaurants which take the initiative to spread the food culture of various lands across the globe. Nowadays, no cuisine is inaccessible to people anywhere in the world, or even they can bring it to their kitchen. People are also enthusiastic to throw parties featuring various unknown food from across the globe.

If you are a food-freak or chief, then it will be a fantastic hobby to tap into various food verities of the world. There are many restaurants in the United States offering a fine mix of cuisines to attract more people. If you are trying to explore and enjoy global cuisines at their purest state, here is a world tour of cuisines of different nations.

1. French Cuisine

french cuisine

French dishes are admired for being an excellent dining choice by Americans. For many centuries, French food has traveled far beyond its point of origin and became favorite of many other cultures.

Many of the chefs also want to get specialized training in classical French cuisine. French food features a wide range from rustic, hearty to Michelin Star and finest styles. A French meal is not complete without wine, cheese, and bread.


2. Thai Cuisine

Thai Cuisine

Thai cuisine is one of the world’s most popular in recent times. Thai cuisine is different from Chinese, which people are used to. Even though there are many similar ingredients in Thai as well as Chinese, you can find that Thai food features more noodles, broths, and herbs.

Another difference from the Chinese cuisine is that Thai dishes consist of vegetables in a very think and rich format. Hot, sour, sweet, and bitter are the prevailing flavors of Thai dishes.


3. Japanese Cuisine

Japanese Cuisine

Japan probably cooks the unique type of food, and the food culture of this nation dates back to time immemorial. Many of the ingredients used in Japanese dishes are not found in other parts of the world. The quality of real Japanese cuisine relies basically on the freshness of the ingredients which are prepared meticulously.

Another notable thing about Japanese dishes is the seasonality. It is also found that the traditional Japanese dishes have cancer-fighting properties with own vegetables and fruits added to it.


4. Korean Cuisine

Korean Cuisine

Most of the Asian world food comprises of rice dishes, and Korean cuisine is no different. In Korean rice is served with meat, vegetables, and seafood. The most common dish is kimchi, and for many families, it is served at every meal. Kimchi is cabbage mixed with spices or vinegar, put in clay pots, and allowed to ferment.


5. Uzbek Cuisine


As the name suggests, Uzbek cuisine originates from Uzbekistan. You can see the influence of local grains and agro products in this cuisine.

Noodles and bread consist of a significant part of Uzbek cuisine. With the prevalence of noodles, Uzbek cuisine also is characterized by the name “noodle-rich.” The major dishes available at Uzbek restaurant Brooklyn are Chuchvara, Dimlama, Katyk, Lagman, Manti, Naryn, Obi Non, Oshi toki, and various rice dishes, etc.


6. Indian Cuisine

Indian Cuisine

Summing up or master Indian cooking is a very challenging task as the country, which used ‘unity in diversity’ as its tagline, has many differences when it comes to its food culture. Some parts of the country are strictly vegetarian whereas some other parts have a mixed culture.

One notable thing about Indian cuisine is the rich and complex blend of spices and flavors. Indians also noted to have a sweet palate with plenty of sweet treats for various occasions. Some dishes are heavier than that the consumers need a strong stomach to survive some items.


7. Spanish Cuisine

Spanish Cuisine

Spain is one among those European nations where the cuisine of each isn’t homogeneous. However, in Spain, we can see that cooking is mostly defined by regions.

The notable thing is that Spaniards don’t consume much of lamb or beef, but prefer game meat and a wide variety of seafood easily available across the coastline. The world’s most renowned Spanish dish may be tapas, which is a very delicious snack comprising many layers of varying flavors.


8. Italian Cuisine

Italian Cuisine

Being one of the most traditional cuisines, the Italian dishes are prepared from many royal ingredients like olive oil, basil, Oregon, tomatoes, parsley, etc. Rich use of garlic makes Italian dishes more heart healthy too.

You may easily find an Italian restaurant across any street in the United States, and an Italian menu is really rich and more trustworthy in this part of the world.


9. German Cuisine

 German Cuisine

German cuisine may not have that much popularity of reputation compared to the others we discussed as most of the people tend to dismiss it with more sausages and potatoes. However, there are many regional variations in German dishes.

We can see that meat can be the cornerstone of German cuisine and there are also a number of sausages too which is mystifying. Charcuterie of German dishes is outstanding, and the cheese also makes a unique flavor. You can find rye bread also very common in dishes along with the aforementioned potatoes and sausage.


10. Australian Cuisine

 Australian Cuisine

Australian cuisine is not so easy to define. However, when it comes to the taste of Americans, Australian dishes also not considered to be one of the best choices among others.

But, for those who love it, Australian cuisine is very interesting. You may find Australian food as an excellent blend of the migrant’s cultures of this commonwealth country, and there are flairs of British as well as East Europe.


11. South African Cuisine

South African Cuisine

As the individuals of the country, the food of South African is also culturally different. There are many exciting and charismatic dishes in South African cuisine, which reflect the wholesome and vivacious culture of the land.

The authentic South African cuisine has items drawn from each culture of this place. One of the major factors unites South Africans across the globe is the love for their country food. Spicy Malay dishes, Boerekos, and Braai like meat cooked on an open fire all are uniquely South African verities.

As you can find it, the world of cuisines is so much delicious and diversified for the food lovers to explore and experiences. When you plan to travel next, try to explore more local dishes and explore recipes to take home and share it with friends and family.

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