11 Ways To Communicate Your Partner That You Are Horny Without Saying The Words

Communicate Your Partner

November 19th, 2019   |   Updated on February 18th, 2023

You must be able to communicate with your partner about your needs and wants. And when it comes to your sexual desires then the same must be communicated with complete ease.

So, what is the problem here? Well, there might be times when you might sound naughty and thus here is the solution. You don’t need to always say him, just drop some simple hints and we are sure that he will pick them up.

Here we are suggesting you some of the 11 simplest ways which will help you to communicate with your partner and let him know that you are feeling horny without actually saying the words :

1. Send Him A Sexy Picture At The Middle Of The Day

Send Random Text Messages And Letters

Send your partner a picture either yourself in a sexy position or both of you together. And he will definitely get the hint.

And imagine the fun when you are disturbing the person in the middle of the day with your sexy pictures. He will definitely get the hint and come home rushing to you.

2. Wear Your Favourate Lingerie

Well, when you are in a relationship then obviously both of you know your favourate lingerie. So, this is the time. Here you can try both.

Either wear his favourate lingerie or yours and then get ready for the fun. Once he comes back home he will notice it and automatically trigger on.

3. Wear Only Underwear

Nothing Like Porn

this is another easy peasy and naughty way. But this can only be possible when you are living with your partner.

Let the door bell ring and then just leave it casually shut and then let your partner find you under the sheets and then he will be all surprised to see that you are only in your undies.

4. New Toys

Time to upgrade your new collection with some new toys. For long distance couples, let the toy get delivered at his office and then see how will he struggle to hold that naughty smile.

5. Lap Time

When your partner is buzy with his phone and all then just sit on his lap. This will give him the signal of your feelings and he will instantly get horny.

6. Smooch Him

Smooch Him

This should be sudden. Just when he has something else in his mind, kiss him passionately. Kiss him directly mouth to mouth and then see how his emotions are flowing.

7. Touch Yourself

This is another playful way of exploring yourself. Here you need to start touching yourself and then get ready because he definitely cannot control himself now.

8. Watch Porn

Watch Porn

And just when your partner will catch you watching porn then he will get that this is the time. Such a perfect and fuss free way.

9. Scheduling On The Calendar

Schedule the same on calendar. Write it clearly and in bold so that it gets his attention. And then you are done and ready.

10. Print Out A Sexy Picture

Print out a sexy picture of may be your or his favourate pose or anything similarly naughty.

11. Start Touching Him

Start Touching Him

You might know his weak points and thus start touching him. This will give you enough space and thus you will enjoy the time.

So, above given are some of the inexpensive and quite easy ways to communicate to your partner that you are horny and you need him without actually saying it. All of these are quite easy and clear signals and he will definitely get the hint.

Let us know how it went in the comments down below.

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