What Is A Mobile Weighbridge?

What Is A Mobile Weighbridge

Published on December 20th, 2023

A mobile weighbridge is a fully portable weighing system used to determine the weight of large haulage vehicles like trucks, tractor-trailers, or construction vehicles.

Primarily used in areas where conventional permanent scales are impossible, the modern system provides portability and flexibility, unlocking major operational and cost efficiencies for businesses needing to weigh vehicles across multiple sites.

The practical scales are made of compact, modular steel pads that temporarily lay on the ground to form a weighing platform.

Once the mobile pads are positioned on a flat, even surface, the system links to digital indicators that accurately capture and display axle and gross weights as vehicles drive slowly over them, automatically calculating the total vehicle weight whilst moving forward between the low-profile pads.

After weighing, the pads can easily be transported and assembled wherever needed on the site.

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Benefits Of A Mobile Weighbridge


The extreme portability of the pad system gives companies immense flexibility to swiftly relocate the entire weighing station to any number of desired sites.

Straightforward Installation

Once transported to the location, trained staff can lay out and set up the modular pads so that the mobile weighbridge is operational in almost no time.


Built to survive intensive use across decades, the pads withstand the repetitive axle loads of 30+ tonne trucks in all weather conditions.


The pads can create customised platforms that match site dimensions and vehicle types, whether weighing a small quad bike or a 400-tonne mining truck.

Cost Savings

Choosing mobile over static weighbridges avoids expenses linked with permanent site groundworks, concrete foundations and calibration.

Mobile Weighing Across Sectors

Agriculture & Farming

The portable pads provide invaluable assistance across various agricultural operations.

Accurately quantifying the weights of freshly harvested crops as they are transported into on-site storage warehouses helps facilitate accurate inventory monitoring and invoicing.

Trucked livestock bound for the market is also weighed using a mobile weighbridge to comply with transportation limits and prevent accidents.

Construction & Mining

The portable scale serves many critical weighing functions for companies in construction, mining, and major engineering projects.

The system can be rapidly set up to verify that truck-out loads are not exceeding expectations, thereby preventing theft of valued job site materials.

By providing reliable weight data, the pads also make it easy for vehicle operators to prove compliance with vehicle weight laws when entering public roads.

Warehousing & Distribution

A mobile weighbridge optimises several weight-dependent functions within warehouse, distribution, and general logistics environments.

Inbound deliveries can be weighed on arrival to accurately check if raw material or packaging orders match what got shipped from suppliers.

The easy weighing also applies for outbound item shipments to provide carriers with the correct freight weights for each transported load.

Waste Disposal & Recycling

In waste disposal and recycling companies, collection trucks can accurately weigh random bins to charge precise per-pound pickup rates rather than approximated volume fees by utilising a mobile weighbridge.

Portable pads can be located at landfill and sorting station entrances to help enforce legal axle and gross vehicle weight limits to avoid accidents and fines.

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Choosing The Optimal Weighbridge

To determine the ideal mobile weighbridge for your business operation, consult a knowledgeable supplier to discuss critical requirements like vehicle types, weighing range and site conditions.

Top providers offer extensive product knowledge from years of distributing portable scaling systems and remain teams for installation assistance.

With game-changing portability and premier weighing accuracy, mobile weighbridge systems provide complete weighing flexibility for farms, warehouses, construction zones, and municipal disposal sites.

Contact leading suppliers today for hassle-free weight compliance on the road or off.