YouTuber MrBeast No Longer Uses ‘Deez Nuts’ In Feastables Branding

MrBeast Deez Nuts Chocolate Bar

Published on February 13th, 2024

MrBeast, the renowned YouTuber famed for his philanthropic acts and social experiments, recently found himself embroiled in a legal conflict with a Florida-based snack company, Dee’s Nuts LLC.

At the heart of the matter lies the branding of one of MrBeast’s candy bars under his Feastables line, named “Deez Nutz.” This name choice sparked a trademark infringement claim from Dee’s Nuts, leading to a legal showdown.

Origins Of The Dispute

Dee’s Nuts, owned by Brian Ditore, has held the trademark for its brand since 2012. The company’s name, according to court documents, is a tribute to Ditore’s grandmother, reflecting her comedic persona.

On the other hand, MrBeast, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, ventured into the candy bar market with his Feastables brand in January 2022.

The contested name, “Deez Nutz,” likely drew inspiration from an internet meme originating in 2016, known for its comedic undertones.

YouTuber MrBeast Deez Nuts In Feastables Branding

Legal Proceedings And Outcome

The legal saga began when Dee’s Nuts filed a lawsuit against MrBeast on grounds of trademark infringement, citing the similarity between “Deez Nutz” and their established brand name.

Court documents reveal Dee’s Nuts’ assertion that MrBeast’s use of the phrase is “confusingly similar and phonetically equivalent” to their own.

The lawsuit culminated in a court ruling in favor of Dee’s Nuts, resulting in a permanent injunction against MrBeast’s Feastables Inc.

The verdict explicitly prohibits the use of “Deez Nutz” or any similar phrase on packaging or marketing materials. Consequently, MrBeast is now legally compelled to cease all activities associated with the contested branding.

Impact And Implications

The legal ruling poses significant implications for MrBeast’s branding strategy and business operations.

Not only does it necessitate a rebranding effort for the affected candy bar, but it also underscores the importance of trademark diligence in the competitive landscape.

Lessons Learned

MrBeast’s legal ordeal serves as a cautionary tale for content creators and entrepreneurs navigating the intricacies of intellectual property law.

It highlights the criticality of conducting comprehensive trademark research and due diligence to avoid potential legal entanglements.

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Questions and Answers

MrBeast candy bar

Q1: What Led To The Legal Dispute Between MrBeast And Dee’s Nuts?

A1: The conflict stemmed from the similarity between MrBeast’s candy bar branding, “Deez Nutz,” and the established trademark of Dee’s Nuts, a Florida-based snack company.

Q2: What Was The Outcome Of The Legal Battle?

A2: The court ruled in favor of Dee’s Nuts, issuing a permanent injunction against MrBeast’s use of the contested branding, thereby compelling him to cease all related activities.

Q3: What Lessons Can Entrepreneurs Glean From MrBeast’s Experience?

A3: MrBeast’s case underscores the importance of thorough trademark research and diligence to mitigate the risk of trademark infringement and legal repercussions.