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10 Cheat Meals To Keep You Healthy During The Festive Season. Stay Healthy And Happy !!


Published on October 27th, 2016

The festival season has arrived. Diwali, parties, weddings, Christmas, and then new year parties will be there every other week till the year end.

Celebrations are on, fine. But what about having so much high intake of rich food on your health?


Okay. Need not worry. We share tips on how to eat healthy, mindfully and smartly so that you can have your fill without it affecting your food.

Here are 10 ways you can cheat on your diet—and win!

1. Rasgullas over Gulab Jamuns



2. Eat smaller portions and only what you love.

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3. Don’t skip meals.



4. Have a light snack before a dinner party to eat less.

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5. Drink water, Nimboo Paani, coconut water

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6. A glass of soda after every two drinks




7. Step up your exercise.

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8. Take these superfoods to aid your digestion.

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9. Eat high calorie foods before 10 pm

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10. Detox with fruits and vegetables.

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