10 Most Incredible Sculpture Items That You Will Love To Buy


Published on September 13th, 2016

1. Dragon Sculpture



I am going to be focusing on large scale commission work for 2015 and will no longer be accepting small scale commissions. I will still be working in small scale (i.e. 1/4 through 1/10) but will only be working on my own designs for all of 2015.I’d love to work with you to create a unique and impressive piece or set of pieces that will live in your home or outdoors in your yard or garden. All of my work can be made at least three season safe and most pieces will even survive harsh winter weather if necessary. Read more


2. Asian Dragon Sculpture



Give your home a little far east flair by hanging this impressive Asian dragon sculpture on your wall. This fifteen foot gold and black Asian styled dragon is masterfully sculpted and painted by hand to embody the symbol of power, strength, and good luck. Click here


3. Kinetic Wall Sculpture



This shop is designed to make the works of Kinetic Sculptor Andrew Smith easily available. Focusing on, one of a kind, unique, handcrafted, vintage accessories of curiosity. Often described as, found object, or steampunk in their unique style. Read more about product.


4. Ringworld Sculpture



I’ve modeled after the novel The Ringworld by Larry Niven’s, A sculpture built thereafter. Techniques: soldering, mounting, driving, sawing, etc.Gravity of the world is produced by rotation, the aperture shadow produce day and night. On the ring is magnetic spirals are for slowing the spacecraft. On the outside of a meteorite is stamped and has a mountain of 10,000 meters produced, fortunately, otherwise the oxygen would be flown into space. Click here.


5. Light Up Doom Cacodemon Sculpture



This unique internally lit sculpture by Jason Hite was inspired by a DOOM Cacodemon. It is approximately 11″ in diameter, 14″ wide from horn to horn and 12″ tall. It has 27 LEDs which plug into a standard 110 wall socket. Jason will only be making 3 fully painted and assembled pieces. This first piece is displayed mounted on an 18″ black wooden base with an 18″ metal stand. Read more.

6. Metal Dragon Sculpture



This metal dragon is made from 1/8 metal plate and his wing span is 13 foot wide and he stands 7 foot tall. There is also red LED lights in his eyes.The dragon will ship in 4 pieces wich are bolted together. Product detail is here.


7. Giant Wooden LEGO Man Sculpture



Hand Crafted wooden LEGO Man made from solid cherry. Stands 12″ tall. Arms hands and legs are all movable. Finished with a hand rubbed citris/carnuba/beeswax blend to bring out the natural beauty of the wood. A perfect one-of-a-kind gift for the LEGO fanatic in your life. Click here.


8. Metal T-Rex Sculpture



The sculptures featured on this are all made from recycled metal and every piece is a unique work of art. A gifted group of designers and craftsmen – the finest that Thailand has to offer – creates each item from scratch result. Read more


9. Metal Alien Sculpture

Metal Alien Sculpture


This item was sold, it is an example work for made-to-order.Height is approx 2.45m / 8 ft.Weight is approx 400 kg / 880 pound. It was made from recycled metal, useless auto parts&machine. Coating metal sculpture by lacquer, protect from “Rust”. Know more.


10. Life Size T-Rex Sculpture



Turn your backyard into a dinosaur museum with these life size T-Rex and other various dinosaur sculptures! Standing over twelve feet tall, this realistic T-Rex sculpture is the next best thing to having a private island, a team of scientists, and a prehistoric frozen mosquito. Click here.