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12 Rare Vintage Ambulance Photos That Will Take You Back In Time

Galt Hospital

August 28th, 2016   |   Updated on September 3rd, 2016

1. 1914 Ambulance Bellevue Hospital

1914 Ambulance Bellevue Hospital


2. Ambulance, 1920s

Ambulance 1920s


3. Ambulance Operated By The Galt Hospital, C. 1912

Galt Hospital


4. Automobile Ambulance, C.1935. Pennsylvania Hospital

Automobile Ambulance


5. Bike Ambulance

Bike ambulance


6. Early Ambulance – Burlamatta Hospital

early ambulance


7. FDNY Ambulance

FDNY Ambulance

8. First World War Ambulance

First World War ambulance


9. One Of The First Ambulance Carriages

First Ambulance Carriages


10. Vintage Ambulance

Vintage ambulance


11. Horse-Drawn Ambulance With Attendants – Winter, 1898

Horse-drawn ambulance


12. Model T Ambulance In Melbourne 1916

Model T ambulance