13 Hilariously Playful Animals That Will Make You ROFL! Kudos To Comedy Wildlife Photo

Comedy Wildlife Photo

March 29th, 2016   |   Updated on February 20th, 2024

Every creature has its own kind of wit and playfulness. Even animals have a sense of humor, they are vibrant, soulful, and often humorous individuals.

Let’s scroll in to look at some of the winning images of the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards, which showcase the true playfulness of the animal kingdom.

1. Rush Hour



2. Nearly Got It

What you looking at? I've almost got it...


3. It’s Not Funny… I’ve Got A Cramp In My Flipper!

It's not funny.. I've got cramp in my flipper!


4. You Haven’t Seen Me…

Anyone asks you havent seen me!

5. Dancing Sifaka

Dancing Sifaka


6. Geronimo



7. Two’s Company, Three’s a Crowd…

Two's Company, Three's a Crowd...


8. Help…..Mum! Driven Hippo-Potty-Mus.

Help.....mum! Driven hippo-potty-mus.


9. Sorry…Am I In Your Way?!

Sorry...Am I in your way?!


10. Last Tango

Last tango

11. Pants! Did I Really Do That Last Night…?

Pants! Did I really do that last night...?


12. Kung Fu Squirrel

Kung Fu Squirrel


13. Be Different

Be Different

Source: The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards,  Featureshoot

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