14 Messages That Will Make You Lovable Naughty. #10 Is The Cutest!

Some people think love is just talking kind, warm and cute words to each other, love is just telling “I love you”, is just being together and having fun. To some, it’s caring of someone you love, being with the person when he/she needs your help, doing everything to protect him/her from any vulnerabilities.

These are cute, funny, honest and teasing texts to tickle you., which make you LOVABLE NAUGHTY!

1. True love knows what exactly the other person finds hot

True love


2. It also means simply honest

being honest


3. And teasing the other with funny texts

neediness in check


4. True love means letting the “sleeping beauty” rest

sleeping beauty

5. It also means messaging the right words of encouragement

words of encouragement


6. And ignoring their gag-worthy nicknames

ignoring their gag


7. It also means finding ways to keep you warm

finding ways


8. It also means not being so impetuously naughty

knowing the right photos


9. And sometimes maybe even letting yourself be adorable

letting yourself be adorable


10. And how to let that adorableness get derailed

adorableness get derailed


11. True love is bringing home McDonald’s

bringing home McDonalds


12. And sometimes even teasingly witty

necessary housework


13. Mostly, it’s being lazy together

being lazy together

14. And sometimes ignoring your amorous texts

hungry a lot


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