16 Hilarious Dog Pictures With Seriously Funny Faces


September 24th, 2016   |   Updated on April 11th, 2020

Dogs are funny!

Every dog has its own distinct personality. It shines through their mannerisms, the wag of their tails, and the way they greet you when you come home. Some dogs have the sullen, melancholy disposition , and some just seem overjoyed to be alive.

We’ve curated a bunch of hilarious dog pictures with seriously funny faces from across the internet to create this loving homage to our canine companions acting too weird for words.

Scroll down to see if you can find your lovable pooches!

1. I am dog. Dog can do anything.

Dog Pictures_v1


2. I don’t want in the bath, but I don’t want you in there either…

Dog Pictures_v2


3. If we sleeps like this, mom can’t move us.

Dog Pictures_v3


4. I’m not really on the couch…

Dog Pictures_v4

5. There is nothing too big for me to eats.

Dog Pictures_v5

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6. If it looks, feels, or smells awesome, roll around in it.

Dog Pictures_v6


7. If I sits here, peoples will thinks I need help and give me treats.

Dog Pictures_v7


8. Technically, I didn’t leave the yard. Technically, I didn’t break any rules…Technically.

Dog Pictures_v8


9. If I finds it, I wrecks it.

Dog Pictures_v9


10. If I looks like this, they’ll turn the car around and I won’t have to vet today.

Dog Pictures_v10

11. Photo time? More like sprinting time!

Dog Pictures_v11


12. I’d rather watch dogs than act like one. No, I don’t want to play fetch. Yes, I would like some toast and eggs with my tv time.

Dog Pictures_v12


13. It’s a dog thing, mom.

Dog Pictures_v13


14. It made sense at the time, dad.

Dog Pictures_v14


15. This means you’re taking me with you, right?

Dog Pictures_v15


16. This makes me a lap dog.

Dog Pictures_v16