17 Spelling Goof-ups In India That Will Make You ROFL. #17 Is My Best! Yours??

Oops! In absence of  spell check , we do funnier blunder Mistakes!!

1. What kinds of mom do you like? Veg mom or chicken mom??



2. Beep beep

Beep beep


3. Take care of your body, mane and fart!!

Body masazes

4. A juicy visit!



5. Child bear? Run ! Chilled beer? Fun!

Child bears


6. Child bear?

Child beer


7. Messy Salon!

child need to be cut


8. Deliciously yummy shoes

Edible shoes

9. Taste here! Yummy or not so yummy!!

Everything is tasted


10. Launch your breakfast munch here!



11. Shit can happen on bed sheet!



12. English is a FUNNY language

No Problem


13. In Kitchen, whispers aloud

Not Aloud


14. Take a loo turn



15. For Biryani, what you get??



16. Maybe a testing time for your taste!

Maybe a testing time for your taste!


17. Gird up your ‘loins’!

Gird up your ‘loins’!


That’s why Big B says, “I can walk English, I can talk English, bcuz English is a very funny language…”

Source: Buzzfeed

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