18 Dad Moments That Will Make You Cry With Laughter


July 25th, 2016   |   Updated on June 5th, 2020

So, parenting is a tough job both for mommies and the dads. However, while mothers get the advantage of their instinct fathers usually do not get the benefit.

Thus when by mistake they are left to take care of the kids total chaos reigns in the house.

By the time mommy is back a lot of things happen that are technically wrong all thanks to daddy dearest’s efforts.

Have a look at these 18 dad moments that are crazy and would let you know how silly can dads be.

1. Here The Father Did Not Know That You Wear A Shirt Under An Overall. Ouch!

meant to be worn topless


2. Too Much Care Taken For Matching The Costumes.

totally match


3. Probably The Father Is Yet To Know The Difference Between Tights And Pants And He Got Really Confused.

tween girls


4. Adding Shorts To The Onesie Could Only Be A Father’s Idea.

clothing on top


5. Trying To Look The Same In All The Ways Possible.

hair gel and no-shirt combo


6. Unfortunately, The Father Was So Busy Recording That He Forgot That He Needs To Catch His Son When He Reaches The Bottom.

7. Is This How It Should Be Worn, Are You Sure?

pretty sure


8. If Only This Dad Knew That He Made Her Wear The Dress Backward.

dad probably said


9. It Could Not Have Been More Explicit Than This.

@pugyface123 One job? ? #kefalonia #sockskills #whocares #dadfail

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10. All Set For A Swimming Class Seems To Be Over Prepared.

swim class


11. Dad, I Have Two Legs And So Does The Shorts.

one pant leg


12. When You Try To Make Your Daughter’s Swim Costume Trendy But Fail Miserably.

fashion forward


13. You Are In A Hurry To Make Her Ponytail, Anything Can Be Used.

14. The Hat Is Actually Shorts But Of Course, The Father Seems To Not Know.



15. Tried To Put Sunblock Cream And Maybe Tried Too Hard.

block application job


16. Maybe The Rompers Got Confused Or Was It The Father’s Mistake.



17. The Tie Needs To Be In Front But Ahem, We Missed It.

goes in the front


18. Isn’t This A Total No-no Suggestion For Room Décor?

just no

While fathers can be perfect caretakers some like the ones above do not know anything about parenting. And when they are given such responsibilities we get a chance to have a good laugh.