20 Amazing Misleading Shadows That You Must See

Hanging Out On The Beach

Published on February 8th, 2017

Creating shadow puppets with your hand can be pretty entertaining, But something happen funniest when different hilarious shadows automatically created of a different object.

Here are 20 people, pets, and inanimate objects who just so happened to create ridiculous shadows, Just by their activities.

20 Hilarious Shadows That You Can’t Miss

1. When your shadow’s side view looks like Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln Type Shadow


2. The shadows this art creates are unbelievable.

Art Shadow

3. When you looks like that you have a baby bump

Baby Bump Type Shadow


4. Hopefully the dog won’t pee on your pencil, too

Ball Pen Shadow

5. Amazing!! Superb!!

Bird Flying Shadow


6. When your body tells your face

Body Makes A Face

7. Dangerous!! When your carpet turns into a dragon

Carpet Turns Into A Dragon


8. The shadow from the dirt on the window looks like mountains. Looks Amazing!!

Dirt On The Window

9. When dog’s shadow looks like a cat

Dog's Shadow


10. Unbelievable!! This fire extinguisher’s shadow looks like a grouchy man’s face


Fire Extinguisher's Shadow

11. She’s having a fishnet moment

Fishnet Moment


12. Cool!! Guarding Gotham City

Guarding Gotham City

13. Just a casual centaur, hanging out on the beach

Hanging Out On The Beach


14. Hilarious, That


15. Call it his inner spirit animal

Inner Spirit Animal


16. Leaves look like a kid running, and it’s actually kind of creepy

Kid Running

17. Amazing badass leaf

Leaf Shadow


18. Light makes this sign’s shadow look pixelated

Light Shadow

19. Shadows of these Palm tress looks like King of the Forest

Pizza Hut


20. He looks pretty pissed off

Running Machine