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20 Hot And Steamy Romance Bestsellers For Lovebirds

Steamy Romance Bestsellers For Lovebirds

August 28th, 2015   |   Updated on February 17th, 2023

1. Circle


When best friends CJ, Iris and Clayton go on a trip to Six Flags for a school choir competition, drama ensues.

Although Clayton and CJ are friends, CJ sees him as more than that. As they arrive at Six Flags and venture around the park, the school bully, Hannah gets angry about not having things her way and ends up hitting CJ.


2. Falling Into You

Falling Into You

I wasn’t always in love with Colton Calloway; I was in love with his younger brother, Kyle, first. Kyle was my first one true love, my first in every way.

Then, one stormy August night, he died, and the person I was died with him.


3. Published in Love

Kendra has sold out on her dream of being a world famous offer and has decided that it’s time to get a job that can actually pay the bills.

Disheartened, she joins a temp agency that sends her to her worst nightmare, a publishing house, but not just any publishing house.


4. Wager For A Duchess

The Duke pushed past the people waiting at the counter, ignoring their protests in his need to get out of the bank.

He didn’t understand what was the matter with the man. Didn’t he know what a prestigious marriage could do for his business? Hadn’t Jenkins’ man told him that Mr Bradley had married a baronet’s daughter?

He couldn’t seriously be advising his daughter to marry for love? That was the fool’s notion, the Duke thought. It could only lead to unhappiness.


5. Devotion


For the past five years, Isabel Alvarez has dedicated herself to her work, determined to prove her worth to her British billionaire boss, Phillip Spears, the only man willing to hire her–a pregnant, college dropout–when no one else would.

So when she receives a mysterious bouquet of long-stemmed blush pink roses at the office, she assumes it must be a mistake until she reads her own name on the card’s envelope.


6. A Light In The Dark

A Light in The Dark

Catalina VanDam, a young and beautiful woman from the Netherlands knew what it was like to go to bed hungry.

But she was determined to change all that and the chance came when she got her dream job as a stewardess on a cruise ship for the rich and famous.

But life can take unexpected turns and her life was about to change in more ways than one.


7. Priceless

On the night before Valentine’s Day, everything changes for jewelry shop clerk, Maribel Martinez, when she assists the store’s building owner, Miles Braxton-Worth, with a luxury purchase.

Was it just her imagination, or did he feel their mysterious connection, too?


8. My Notorious Duke

My Notorious Duke

“I hear Thompson Misgraevery has been seen in Southampton on the docks”, Mathilde dropped the news giggling between two sips of tea, on the verge of choking off. I always suspected her of being short-minded.

“Oh, has he?” was my courteous reply.””


9. Royal Romance Royal Obsession

Isabella looked at Kate with anger and confusion.

How was is that her husband, the King, was more interested in this servant girl than in her powerful beautious self?

It’s true that she no longer held a flame for him, that their love had fizzled out some time ago, but for another woman to try and claim him.

Over his dead body….


10. Little Love Affair

Little Love Affair

Sentiments are running high following the battle of Gettysburg, and although the draft has not yet come to Knox, “Bloody Knox” will claim lives the next year as citizens attempt to avoid the Union draft.

Clara’s brother Solomon is missing, and Clara has been left to manage the family’s farm, caring for her mother and her younger sister, Cecelia.


11. Duke’s Bride And Slave Romance

When Sybil marries the duke and is raised to the title of duchess, her life becomes a living dream.

But her new husband’s wandering eye and flirtatious nature, leaves her feeling she may never truly please him.


12. A Billionaire’s Wicked Fantasy 2.0

A Billionaire's Wicked Fantasy

WARNING! This is a HOT and SEXY Menage Collection with intense sexual action meant for adult readers…


13. Driving Me to You

Driving Me to You

When Sam meets her sister’s sexy mechanic, Verlaine, she instantly falls for those gorgeous brown eyes and rugged charms.

Soon a steamy romance begins! But unfortunately, there’s unfinished business between Sam and her ex-boyfriend, the charismatic billionaire, Marcus.


14. Adventures in Dating

Adventures in Dating

All my life, I’ve been a man-magnet. Everywhere I go, guys drop at my feet. After all, I have a perfect body, insatiable sex drive, and a razor wit.

I’m also modest (can’t you tell?). Trouble is, I’ve never been lucky in love. I only attract guys who forget their wallets and show up to dates wearing #@%#-stained clothes.

With my best friend’s wedding around the corner, I finally decide enough is enough


15. Unlikely Love

Bethany Carlisle has been summoned home to Texas, along with her two estranged sisters, Tracy & Jennifer, to settle the significant estate of their abusive father, Jonas.

After raising his family in poverty & turmoil in the dilapidated embarrassment that he had the nerve to call a ‘bed & breakfast’, Jonas had somehow turned it all around after the death of his wife and the departure of his daughters.


16. Perfect


Claire is a lawyer with a dark secret. By day she laughs and talks with her fiance wearing a smile from ear to ear.

In the courthouse she wraps her legs around the alcoholic judge that lets her win every case brought to his attention.

As if her life wasn’t complicated enough Claire now finds herself in the grasp of a man she has been trying to convict for years.


17. Dukes Desire With The Bride

Dukes Desire with the Bride

I will never forget the night that changed my life forever. My father came home in a drunken stupor.

I was supposed to be asleep already, but I had snuck into the library for a new book to read. The door crashed open and papa stumbled in, calling for mama.


18. The Secret Note

It was expected for her to think that today would be the same as every other day at the research facility.

Ellie is a petite, spectacled girl… small and reclusive in nature. She likes to daydream as she works as secretary to Piers.


19. Just Us

Just Us

Before I ever fell in love with Bryce, there was Hayden. Hayden was my first love, the kind of love that takes your breath away and you remember forever. My love story with Bryce came later. Much later, after everything had happened.


20. Countdown To a Kiss

Countdown To A Kiss

The Devine sisters return to their hometown for New Year’s Eve each year to attend the annual ball.

Part of the tradition is their decade-old bet: whoever has no date at midnight has to kiss their nerdy neighbor Lewis Kampmueller.

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