20+ Mind Blowing Optical Illusions That’ll Leave You Scratching Your Head!

Federer and Nadal

May 9th, 2016   |   Updated on June 5th, 2019

Optical illusion is something that will always leave you perplexed. While some illusions happen because of  your eyes’ abilities and limitations, many of the most intriguing illusions occur due to  processing of signals  by your brain and the millions of judgment calls it makes.

Below are 20+ mind blowing optical illusions that’ll leave you scratching your head.

1. Brilliant Idea To Get Traffic Attention At A Crosswalk

Look Twice At A Crosswalk

Image Source: Redditmedia


2. Is This Guy’s Viking Beard? Do A Crosscheck.

glorious Viking beard

Image Source : Reddit


3. What Happened To Her Head?

Fit On Her Body

Image Source : Imgur


4. Pool Illusion!


Image Source : Imgur


5. Is He Really Ready To Gorge Her GF?

Nom Nom

Image Source : Imgur


6. Pretty Freaky Overhead Shot Of A Tollbooth

Overhead Shot

Image Source : Imgur


7. A Dust Storm Over The Ocean In Australia

Dust Storm

Image Source : Imgur


8. This Floating Cruise Ship In South Korea


Image Source : Imgur


9. This Optical Illusion Is Outside Of Paris City Hall

Paris City Hall

Image Source : Epimg


10. Perfectly Trimmed Trees!


Image Source : Imgur


11. Tennis Court At Sea!

Federer and Nadal

Image Source : Ultimahora


12. This New Zealand Train Won’t Be Taking You On A Wild Ride


Image Source : Reddit


13. Chaohu Lake, China. Algae-filled Water

Fishermen On Chaohu Lake

Image Source : Imgur

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14. Amazing Levitating Boat


Image Source : Imgur


15. Is This Walk On Water

look dabgerous

Image Source : Dose


16. No, This Isn’t The Second Coming Of Jesus


Image Source : Dose


17. Distorted Trees!


Image Source : Dose


18. This Cat Isn’t The Result Of Photoshop


Image Source : fishki

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19. A Wolf Out Of Pipe Cleaners

The Wolf

Image Source : Imgur


20. A Tornado Mixed With A Rainbow Over Kansas


Image Source : Nasa


21. A Wolf Out Of Pipe Cleaners

Men Among Columns

Image Source : Twentytwowords

Source : Dose, Omgfacts

Featured Image Source : Twentytwowords

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