20 Underwater Photos That Left Even The Award-winning Photographer Mesmerized Forever

Decorator crab

March 16th, 2016   |   Updated on September 16th, 2021

The world below the surface is a captivating and magical place. Shot by members of National Geographic’s Your Shot community, these  amazing images of underwater were selected by Award-winning underwater photographer Brian Skerry. Scroll in to find some really beautiful stuff. Keep clicking through the photos for more.

1. An Atlantic Gray Seal In UK Waters Near The Farne Islands

nationalgeographic Seal


2. Southern Stingray On Grand Cayman In The Cayman Islands

Stingray Sunrise

3. A  Juvenile Banggai Cardinalfish In The Lembeh Strait, North Sulawesi, Indonesia

Lost in space


4. A Leafy Sea Dragon In Southern And Eastern Australia

Disguise Artist


5. Whip Coral Shrimp In The Waters Around Komodo, Indonesia

Night Rider

6. A Painted Frogfish In Ambon, Indonesia

Grumpy Frog


7. Whitetip Reef Shark At Cocos Island, Costa Rica

Got Anything to Eat


8. A Marine Vessel As An Artificial Reef  In Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Kittiwake,Grand Cayman


9. A Lionfish In The Egyptian Red Sea

Keep Your Distance


10. A Leatherback Sea Turtle At The East Cost Of Florida, USA

Circle of Life


11. Fusiliers And Goatfish At Gili Tepekong, Bali, Indonesia

Gili Tepekong


12. Swimmers In The Marine Protected Area Of Bergeggi, Italy

Ready, Set, Go

13. Two Sailfish Hunting In Warm Waters Of The Gulf Of Mexico

The Twins


14. North Sea Anemone, A Deep Water Species, In Norway

Flower Garden

15. A Green Sea Turtle In The Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Take It Easy

16. Decorator Crab Covering Itself With Bits Of Small Animals From Its Habitat

Mobile Home

17. A Soft Coral  In Zamboanguita, The Philippines

Natural Fractals


18. Tarpon are feeding  in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Summer Loving


19. Grey Nurse Sharks, New South Wales, Australia

Cave of Sharks


20. A Female Humpback Whale Swims With Her Newborn Calf,  The South Pacific Island Of  Tonga

Humpback Whale and Calf
Source: Nationalgeographic

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