28 One Sentence Reminders To Replace Your 2018 Resolutions

2018 Resolutions

December 28th, 2017   |   Updated on July 8th, 2022

From giving to charity, to smiling more, spending less on junk and growing your own food there are plenty of suggestions of how to resolve to improve your lot.

We all need to feel inspired to be better and to do better and there is no time like the present. So instead, we put together a small list of one-sentence reminders to replace New Year’s Resolutions in 2018.

1. To do at least one good thing for someone else, every day, with no motivation other than spreading kindness.

2. To be honest about your feelings and to not apologize for having them.


3. To refrain from talking about other people behind their back, and to avoid being judgmental in every way possible.


4. Don’t allow fear to control you. Reach for the stars.


5. Stop being negative and remove toxic people from your life who are consumed with bad energy.


6. Stop allowing others to dictate how you live your life.


7. To focus on creating happiness within your life now, instead of chasing after it.


8. To make an effort every single day to be a better friend, in one way or another.

9. To stop thinking and talking about all the ways you’re going to explore your creativity ‘someday,’ and to start doing that stuff right now instead.


10. To read more actual books, even if it’s just one more book this year than you read last year.


11. To channel your energy and focus into one activity at a time – to just watch a movie when you decide to watch a movie, to only read a book when you want to read a book, to have dinner with your friend with no distractions.


12. Do not be guarded in love. Be open to love, open your heart and be vulnerable. Love has no limits.


13. Leave a bad relationship and don’t look back. Never allow yourself to be someone else’s option.


14. Find your passion and pursue it vigorously.


15. Quit the job you hate. If you are not being challenged you will stagnate.


16. Travel by yourself and explore the world.


17. Appreciate the important people in your life and spend more quality time with them.


18. Learn to slow down sometimes and enjoy being alone.


19. Give back to those less fortunate than yourself.


20. To always say ‘hello’ or ‘good morning’ or ‘how are you’ to the cashier or the barista or the uber driver before you ask for what you want.


21. To spend less time on social media. Not no time, but at least a little less time.


22. To make an effort to be as kind and loving to yourself as you are to everyone else.


23. Stop being a perfectionist and trying to control everything. Let go and let life flow.


24. Learn to be present. Stop thinking about the past and the future but focus on right now.


25. Be unpredictable. Do something that will change your life for the better.


26. Step out of your comfort zone and stop playing it safe.


27. Be happy in this very moment. Life is too short.


28. Start over. This is the year to learn, to change and to grow.

Source : thoughtcatalog