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This Teen Ensures 30 Minutes Delivery Of Condoms At Any Time


Published on September 26th, 2016

More and more young people are having more sex, they are having it with increasing frequency, and they are starting at younger ages. Sexual relationship, for many, is more a natural and biological need and there is nothing to be ashamed of.



Keeping in mind the increasing demand for condoms, other contraceptive products and other sex products including lubricants and instant pregnancy test, SMS Contraceptive, a startup by 18-year-old Sirhaan Seth, delivers condoms and contraceptives in less than half-an-hour.


Source: Buzzfeed

What’s more, it will hand over your package for free if it fails to deliver on its promise.

Though currently operates only in Gurgaon, SMS Contraceptive has plans to expand to other areas of National Captial Region of Delhi. All you have to do is call, leave a WhatsApp message, or reach out to them on Snapchat. “Many don’t want to have that awkward conversation with a chemist,” Sirhaan Seth, 18, founder of SMS Contraceptive told  Mashable India. “We are currently seeing more queries from youngsters aged between 18 to 25,” Seth added.

So, now for all “Gurugrammers”, safe play is just a call away.

Source: Buzzfeed

Now, you have to make sure you’re ordering the right size for you.