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4 Ways To Ensure Your Moving Company Is Trustworthy

Removal Company Workers Unloading Furniture And Boxes From Truck

Published on November 8th, 2019

There are many things to consider when moving a house. Apart from packing all your possessions and deciding which way of transportation to choose, you also need to look into hiring a reliable moving company. Professional movers can greatly simplify the entire moving process.

But how to find the right ones? The Internet can provide you with a list of names, but you still need to choose the company you can entrust with moving your priceless belongings. Here are four steps to help you through the process.

1. Get Recommendations

For a start, ask your friends and relatives for recommendations. Besides, you may ask other people in your area, who hired movers previously, to tell about their experience and whom they would recommend.

The chances are that you will find several good options to consider, including companies that are not widely advertised both online and offline. It would also be useful to know about any bad experience with a famous, high-rated company that charges extra fees that are not mentioned on the official website.

2. Legitimacy


Another important thing to do when choosing moving partners is to find out if they are properly licensed. Remember that safety comes first. Any group of people with a truck can call themselves movers, but they are not bound to protect your property.

For this reason, you should hire only a certified, fully bonded moving company that operates legally and meets all the federal insurance, safety, and financial standards.

3. Specialized Services

In addition to the standard set of moving options offered by most professional movers (e.g., household goods transportation, packing, unpacking, etc.), you may require some extra services:

  • Crating :  A crate is a wooden box often used for the relocation of delicate items. Custom-built crates ensure proper protection of odd-shaped and fragile objects of great value, such as statues, sculptures, paintings, etc.
  • Disassembly and reassembly of furniture : Bulky and heavy furniture sets are not made to fit through narrow and small doors. In most cases, such items must be disassembled and transported as separate components and then assembled inside your new house.
  • Appliance servicing : Pro movers can also disconnect your electrical appliances, pack them properly, move them to the destination, and reconnect them at your new house if needed.
  • White glove moving : Responding to the changing customer demands, this type of moving service is a lot more than just regular transportation of goods. White glove moving is ideal for the relocation of fine art, antiques, large furniture pieces, and a whole range of other valuable and delicate items that cannot be handled by a regular moving company.

4. Insurance


Released value protection is the most basic coverage option that most reputable moving companies offer. It goes without saying that no amount of money is going to ever compensate your antique table that you inherited from your grandfather, but insurance may, at least, guarantee you some peace of mind.

A reliable moving service provider will provide full-value protection, as well as the full cost of repairs or the replacement in case your items are damaged or lost. Thereby, ask your potential movers about the insurance they offer and choose the coverage that suits your needs best.

The moving industry is continuously developing, with more and more companies starting to offer their services. Regardless of where you live, the list of names to choose from is likely to be long. However, if you follow the mentioned above tips, you are guaranteed to find a reliable company meeting all your needs.